27 August 2016

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11:00 PMDateline Extra - Under a Full Moon  : Detectives track down the killer of a Las Vegas cocktail waitress and mother.
12:00 AMLockup: Tampa- Extended Stay - You Feel Me?  : Inside Tampa's Hillsborough County Jail.
1:00 AMLockup: Boston- Extended Stay - Blood Brothers  : An inmate takes his fights from the street to the jail and his boyhood friend follows his example.
2:00 AMLockup: Boston- Extended Stay - The Box Life  : Inmates with violent tendencies spend time in a special, isolated place called ''the box.''
3:00 AMLockup: Boston- Extended Stay - Feel Deal Heal  : A lone officer supervises inmates in order to help build a rapport and reduce fighting.
4:00 AMLockup: Boston- Extended Stay - Family Jewels  : An inmate with an imaginary friend and a shocking act lands the sheriff's sister behind bars.
5:00 AMDateline Extra - Mystery in Orange County  : When a veteran disappears, detectives uncover a cryptic 911 call placed before she went missing.
6:00 AMDateline Extra - Tangled  : After a marriage creates tension between two families, a murder exposes a long-buried mystery.
7:00 AMHardball Weekend: The best of ``Hardball With Chris Matthews.''
7:30 AMYour Business: A focus on issues facing small business in the United States.
8:00 AMPoliticsNation: The Rev. Al Sharpton discusses the day's important political and human interest stories.
9:00 AMMSNBC Live
10:00 AMAM Joy: Joy Reid tackles important news and political topics.
12:00 PMMSNBC Live
1:00 PMMSNBC Live
2:00 PMMeet the Press: A moderator interviews a leading public figure.
3:00 PMMSNBC Live
4:00 PMMSNBC Live
5:00 PMCaught on Camera - What on Earth?  : Cameras capture the wonder and power of mother nature.
6:00 PMCaught on Camera - Revolution  : Videos seen around the world of ordinary people rising up and toppling tyrants.
7:00 PMCaught on Camera - Watch Out!  : A landslide in a small town; a sinkhole swallows a street.
8:00 PMDateline Extra - Deadly Exchange  : A foreign exchange student's participation in a dangerous game leads to deadly consequences.
9:00 PMDateline Extra - The Interrogation  : Robert Davis, who was convicted of murdering a woman and her son, claims his confession was coerced.
10:00 PMDateline Extra - The Hometown Hero & the Homecoming Queen  : After a woman reports a prowler, police find her husband dead in their backyard.
11:00 PMDateline Extra - The Face of Evil  : As detectives struggle to find leads in a college student's murder, the perpetrator strikes again.
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