6 May 2015

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11:45 PMInvisible Centerfolds: An invisibility formula helps a beautiful and sexy centerfold.
1:15 AMThe Internship: Two older, unemployed salesmen must compete with younger, smarter candidates for slots at Google.
3:15 AMFemme Fatales - Angels & Demons  : Detectives try to stop a killer before he can claim his next victim, a woman with her own dark side.
3:50 AMDreamcatcher: Telepathic friends and the military confront aliens. Based on a book by Stephen King.
6:05 AMMonty Python's the Meaning of Life: The British troupe's sketches include gluttony, birth control and total insignificance.
7:55 AMJ. Edgar: Controversy surrounds the life of J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI.
10:15 AMEvolution: A scientist teaching at a community college discovers rapidly developing organisms on a meteor.
12:00 PMLost in Space: Villains complicate a family's 2058 spaceship journey to a distant habitable planet.
2:15 PMDisconnect: A boy becomes a victim of cyberbullying in one of three tales centering around the Internet.
4:15 PMSeeking a Friend for the End of the World: As an asteroid hurtles toward Earth, two misfits take a road trip to find one's high-school sweetie.
6:00 PMWe're the Millers: A drug dealer heads to Mexico with a fake family to smuggle a big shipment back into the U.S.
7:50 PMHer: A heartbroken writer develops a loving bond with his computer's operating system.
10:00 PMWedding Crashers: Two divorce mediators spend a wild weekend partying with a politician and his eccentric family.
12:00 AMLocal Programming