30 September 2014

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11:02 PMAre You The One? Special Delivery: The cast spends a weekend together to throw a baby shower for Ethan and Amber.
12:02 AMTrue Life - I'm Having Twins: Several young women struggle to care for newborn twins.
1:02 AMTrue Life - I Want My Ex Back: Young women want to reunite with lost loves.
2:02 AMTrue Life - I Need to Change My Man: Young women are ready to end relationships over career and lifestyle choices.
3:00 AMClubland: Music videos, news and exclusive content.
4:00 AMMusic Feed: Music news and celebrities.
5:00 AMMusic Feed: Music news and celebrities.
6:00 AMMusic Feed: Music news and celebrities.
7:00 AMMusic Feed: Music news and celebrities.
8:00 AMMusic Feed: Music news and celebrities.
9:00 AM16 and Pregnant - Taylor: Taylor and her boyfriend feel they can be good parents; Taylor's mother prefers adoption.
10:00 AM16 and Pregnant - Megan: Megan decides to raise her child in her parent's basement with her video game playing boyfriend.
11:00 AM16 and Pregnant - Devon: A Virginia high schooler follows in her older sister's teen mother path.
12:00 PM16 and Pregnant - Hope: A party girl decides to change her ways for her daughter.
1:00 PM16 and Pregnant - Christinna: A football star gives up his scholarship to accommodate a new baby.
2:00 PM16 and Pregnant - Aubrey: Aubrey and Brandon prepare a new life together, while she tries to get her GED.
3:00 PMTrue Life - I'm Desperate to Have a Baby: A young woman undergoes in-vitro fertilization; a young woman has one last chance to get pregnant.
4:00 PMTrue Life - I'm Famous Online: The lives of Internet celebrities are complicated by their popularity.
5:00 PMTrue Life - I'm Supporting My Man: Young women work hard to support their unemployed men.
6:00 PMTrue Life - My Boyfriend's Fed Up With My Weight: Extreme weight differences are at the root of young couples' problems.
7:00 PMGirl Code: Having a girls' night out; sexting; breakups; visiting the gynecologist.
7:30 PMGirl Code: Falling in love; nail art; dealing with creepy people; fan questions.
8:00 PMGirl Code: Makeup; being gassy; driving; being promiscuous; Ashley Rickards.
8:30 PMGirl Code: Social networking; friends with benefits; lying; masturbation; using a boyfriend's bathroom.
9:00 PMFaking It - The Morning Aftermath  : Karma deals with the fallout from Amy's confession; Amy feels guilty about her tryst with Liam.
9:30 PMAwkward. - Finals: Jenna tries to focus on her finals after the senior ski trip.
10:00 PMAwkward. - Auld Lang Party: Although Jenna wants to have a quiet New Year's Eve, plans go awry.
10:31 PMFaking It - You Can't Handle the Truth or Dare  : Karma and Amy must deal with the tension between them during a girls' weekend.
11:02 PMHappyland - Pilot  : The president of Happyland moves his family back to the theme park; Elena reveals a secret.
11:34 PMAwkward. - Auld Lang Party: Although Jenna wants to have a quiet New Year's Eve, plans go awry.
12:04 AMLocal Programming