25 October 2016

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11:25 PMLast Week Tonight With John Oliver: News, politics and current events.
12:00 AMBy the Sea: A troubled American couple befriend newlyweds and villagers while staying at French seaside resort.
2:05 AMTed 2
4:05 AMWall Street: A yuppie broker courts a corporate raider with inside information.
6:10 AMFlight of the Conchords - Drive By: Bret and Jemaine fight a race war; Murray falls for the tech-support woman.
6:40 AMThe Cowboy Way: Two New Mexico cowboys drive a truck to New York to track the disappearance of their friend.
8:30 AMThe Comebacks: The unluckiest coach in college football takes over the sport's worst team.
10:00 AMThe Wedding Singer: A spirited entertainer and a waitress with a boorish fiance work at the same weddings.
11:45 AMLast Week Tonight With John Oliver: News, politics and current events.
12:20 PMBrooklyn: An immigrant finds love in 1950s New York, but faces temptation from another man back in Ireland.
2:15 PMJumper: A young man has a genetic anomaly that allows him to teleport himself anywhere in the world.
3:50 PMEverest: Climbers from two expeditions fight for survival during a fierce blizzard on Mount Everest.
6:00 PMBride Wars: Weddings scheduled the same day turn best friends into enemies.
7:30 PMVICE News Tonight
8:00 PMWestworld - The Stray  : Elsie and Stubbs pursue a missing host; Teddy sets off in pursuit of a new villain.
9:00 PMWestworld - Dissonance Theory  : Dolores joins William and Logan on a bounty hunt in the badlands; the Man in Black finds a clue.
10:00 PMREAL Sports With Bryant Gumbel: Investigating yogi Bikram Choudhury's sexual abuse allegations; Olympic medalist Peter Norman.
11:00 PMInsecure - Racist as F...  : Issa and Lawrence try to move past their issues at home; Issa deals with doubts from her colleagues.
11:30 PMStraight Outta Compton: N.W.A revolutionizes music and pop culture with their depiction of life in Southern Los Angeles.