4 May 2015

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10:00 PMThe Blue Dahlia: A Navy pilot's unfaithful wife is found dead in a bungalow, shot with his automatic.
12:00 AMThe Curtain Pole: A man has a series of problems fixing a broken pole. Silent.
12:12 AMOn His Wedding Day: Mack Sennett directs this 1913 short film. Silent.
12:24 AMBarney Oldfield's Race for a Life: A man ties a woman to railroad tracks. Silent.
12:36 AMThe Speed Kings: A meddling father wants his daughter to see another man. Silent.
12:48 AMThe Knockout: A man must fight a champion boxer. Silent.
1:00 AMRecreation: A suicidal man meets a girl. Silent.
1:12 AMThe Rounders: Two drunken men fight with their wives. Silent.
1:24 AMLeading Lizzie Astray: A man goes to the city to win back his girlfriend. Silent.
1:36 AMHash House Mashers: A 1915 short film. Silent.
1:48 AMAmbrose's First Falsehood: A man lies to his wife to go to a bar. Silent.
2:00 AMSeven Samurai: Feudal Japanese villagers hire seven warriors to defend them from 40 mounted bandits.
5:30 AMMGM Parade: Greta Garbo; Grace Kelly; Debbie Reynolds; host George Murphy.
6:00 AMJulia Misbehaves: An English actress goes to France for her daughter's wedding and reunites with her ex-husband.
8:00 AMHappy Go Lovely: A chorus girl stars in a broke producer's show after rumors link her with a millionaire in Scotland.
10:00 AMPublic Enemy's Wife: A G-man falls in love with the aloof ex-mate of a gangster convict, who escapes.
11:30 AMMarriage on the Rocks: An adman's wife winds up wed to his buddy after a quickie Mexican divorce and marriage.
1:30 PMOcean's Eleven: A crook and his 10 war buddies plan to rob five Las Vegas casinos on New Year's Eve.
3:45 PMThe Castilian: A medieval Spanish nobleman comes out of exile to fight the Moors and a bad king.
6:00 PMTwo on a Guillotine: The daughter of a mad magician must sleep in his mansion to earn his estate; a newsman tags along.
8:00 PMI Want to Live!: Convicted of murder, drug-addicted shill and prostitute Barbara Graham lands on death row.
10:15 PMThe Hoodlum Priest: The Rev. Charles Dismas Clark, a Jesuit, works with St. Louis ex-convicts and juvenile delinquents.
12:15 AMLocal Programming