24 April 2015

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10:00 PMNorth by Northwest: A foreign spy chases a hapless New Yorker cross country.
12:30 AMBen-Hur: An enslaved Judean prince meets his Roman betrayer, a former friend, in a chariot race.
4:30 AMHow the West Was Won: Three generations of a family go west through a buffalo stampede, the Civil War and a train robbery.
6:00 AMSon of Kong: Two men and a circus girl go to Skull Island and find King Kong's big white son.
8:45 AMRodan: A bug-eating pterodactyl flies out of a coal mine and wrecks Japan with sonic booms.
10:00 AMBatman - Lured by Radium 
10:30 AMI Love You, Alice B. Toklas: A Los Angeles lawyer shocks his mother by dropping out with a hippie who bakes marijuana brownies.
12:15 PMRancho Notorious: An outlaw brings a cowboy to a ranch hide-out run by a retired saloon singer.
2:00 PMLittle Big Man: An ancient frontiersman recalls his checkered life. Based on the novel by Thomas Berger.
4:30 PMColorado Territory: A noble outlaw plans to retire after one last heist with his gang.
6:15 PMCanadian Pacific: A railroad surveyor handles saboteurs, Indians and romance with a doctor in the Canadian Rockies.
8:00 PMThe Wind: An innocent Virginian moves to Texas, marries a cowboy and shoots a visitor in a windstorm. Silent.
9:45 PMWithout Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Power of Women in Hollywood: Development of filmmaking through the eyes of Frances Marion.
10:45 PMThe Big House: Prison brings out the worst in a forger, a killer and a drunken driver in for manslaughter.
12:30 AMLocal Programming