6 May 2015

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10:05 PMThe Fifth Estate: WikiLeaks colleagues Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg provide support for whistle-blowers.
12:15 AMKama Sutra: Girlhood friends, a 16th-century Indian princess and her servant, become sexual rivals at maturity.
2:15 AMLust on the Prairie: A beautiful woman falls for a handsome man who visits the ranch that she shares with her sister.
3:35 AMSouth of Heaven, West of Hell: A lawman wants revenge on troublemakers that disgraced him.
5:50 AMStraight Talk: A folksy Arkansas dancer turns radio psychologist and charms a Chicago newsman out to expose her.
7:30 AMStep Into Liquid: Filmmaker Bruce Brown captures surfers performing their favorite pastime.
9:00 AMKidnapped for Christ: A filmmaker exposes abuse of youths -- deemed ``wayward'' -- at a school run by evangelicals.
10:30 AMSon-in-Law: Coed visits family farm with her goofy boyfriend.
12:05 PMIn the Army Now: Soon after joining the Reserves, two buddies are called to active duty in Africa.
1:40 PMJudgment Day: An FBI agent and an ex-con hunt a cult leader.
3:10 PMSome Girl(s): A man travels across the country on the eve of his wedding to make amends with ex-lovers.
4:40 PMFletch Lives: Reporter Fletch inherits his aunt's Louisiana plantation and wakes up in bed with a dead lawyer.
6:15 PMLast Night: A woman encounters a past lover while her spouse takes a business trip with an attractive colleague.
8:00 PMPhilomena: An Irish journalist helps a woman search for her son, who was taken from her and sold into adoption.
9:40 PMSecrets & Lies: A black London optometrist meets her biological mother, a white factory worker, and other relatives.
12:05 AMLocal Programming