5 July 2015

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11:00 PMUndercover Boss - Yankee Candle: When Yankee Candle CEO Harlan Kent goes under cover, co-workers question his true identity.
12:00 AMUndercover Boss - The Dwyer Group: Dina Dwyer-Owens, the chairperson and CEO of The Dwyer Group, goes under cover.
1:00 AMUndercover Boss - TaylorMade Golf Company: The CEO of golf equipment manufacturer TaylorMade goes undercover in his own company.
2:00 AMUndercover Boss - White Castle: While under cover in the company, White Castle owner Dave Rife mishandles bakery equipment.
3:00 AMThe Nate Berkus Show - Regret Proof Your Design: Helping a couple create a ``his and her'' space; Nate's style regret; style emergency kit.
4:00 AMDr. Phil: A woman says her husband is a pathological liar, a con man and an alcoholic.
5:00 AMDr. Phil: A couple with seven children and no income say their lifestyle is God's will.
6:00 AMDateline on OWN - The Detective's Daughter  : Teaching children to call 911.
7:00 AMDr. Phil: A woman suspects that her father molested her son.
8:00 AMDr. Phil: A man takes a lie-detector test to prove he did not molest his grandson.
9:00 AMDr. Phil: The doctor revisits a family shattered by accusations of child molestation.
10:00 AMDr. Phil: An out-of-control 14-year-old says she has had unprotected sex with as many as 50 men.
11:00 AMDr. Phil: The doctor counsels a couple dealing with sexual addiction.
12:00 PMDr. Phil: A woman seeks the doctor's help when her husband makes a shocking confession.
1:00 PMDr. Phil: A husband's alarming confessions threaten a marriage.
2:00 PMOur America With Lisa Ling - Faith Healers: Inside a massive faith healing revival.
3:00 PMOur America With Lisa Ling - Pray the Gay Away?: Being Christian and gay.
4:00 PMOur America With Lisa Ling - Sparkle Babies: Little girls as beauty queens.
5:00 PMOur America With Lisa Ling - Labeled for Life: A teenage boy becomes a registered sex offender after being sentenced to 20 years in prison.
6:00 PMOur America With Lisa Ling - Swingers Next Door: Couples that are active in the swinger lifestyle; testing sexual boundaries.
7:00 PMOur America With Lisa Ling - Transgender Lives: Five transgender people across America.
8:00 PMDateline on OWN - Written in Blood  : Flight attendant Karen Pannell was found dead in her home.
9:00 PMDateline on OWN - The Night Lynsie Disappeared  : When a 20-year-old woman disappears from Fullerton College, a missed clue is the key.
10:00 PMDateline on OWN - Secrets in the Mist  : Detectives in Torrance, Calif., turn to social media in hopes of finding Carol Jeann Lubahn.
11:00 PMDateline on OWN - Written in Blood  : Flight attendant Karen Pannell was found dead in her home.
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