29 May 2017

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11:30 PMSouth Park - C... Magic: Illegal activity is occurring in the basement of City Wok.
12:00 AMSouth Park - Make Love, Not Warcraft: The boys must stop a renegade player who threatens to destroy ``World of Warcraft.''
12:30 AMSouth Park - Butters' Bottom Bitch: Butters is determined to get his first kiss so his friends won't make fun of him.
1:05 AMSouth Park - Casa Bonita: Cartman exacts revenge when he is not invited to Kyle's birthday party.
1:40 AMSouth Park - Ginger Kids: Cartman rallies red-haired, freckled children to fight discrimination.
2:10 AMSouth Park - Le Petit Tourette: Cartman discovers the joys of having Tourette's syndrome.
2:40 AMSouth Park - Cartman Joins NAMBLA: Cartman seeks mature friends; Kenny tries to prevent the conception of a sibling.
3:10 AMSouth Park - Butters' Very Own Episode: Butters reveals a dark family secret.
3:40 AMSouth Park - Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut: The school counselor suggests Cartman find his father.
4:10 AMSouth Park - Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut: Cartman discovers his father's identity.
4:40 AMKey & Peele - Thug English Actor: Sketches include Keegan and Jordan eavesdrop on white women who love black men; a music video.
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9:00 AMScrubs - My First Day: Medical intern John ``J.D.'' Dorian embarks on a career at a hospital.
9:30 AMScrubs - My Own Private Practice Guy: J.D. gains insight into Cox's troubled mind when he meets Dr. Fisher; Kelso and Turk feud.
10:00 AMScrubs - My Own American Girl: Elliot decides her life needs a drastic makeover to reverse a run of bad luck.
10:30 AMScrubs - My Lucky Night: Sean is surprised and disturbed by Elliot and J.D.'s history together.
11:00 AMScrubs - My Heavy Meddle: J.D. hopes he can improve his relationship with Dr. Cox, when the doctor appears on his doorstep.
11:30 AMScrubs - My Road to Nowhere: Dr. Cox and Jordan worry when her ultrasound reveals that their unborn child will need surgery.
12:00 PMScrubs - My Scrubs: J.D. and Turk try to beat the system to treat the chief's uninsured friend.
12:30 PMScrubs - My Half-Acre: J.D. meets a new potential love interest (Mandy Moore), and Elliot steps in with romantic advice.
1:00 PMScrubs - My Five Stages: J.D. and Dr. Cox grow closer as they grieve with their favorite patient, who is declining in health.
1:30 PMScrubs - My Best Moment: J.D. and his colleagues reminisce about their fondest memories in the medical field.
2:00 PMScrubs - My Best Laid Plans: Frustrated with Kylie, J.D. considers acting on his residual feelings for Dr. Cook.
2:30 PMScrubs - My Hero: J.D. believes Dr. Cox is having trouble dealing with his friend's potentially terminal illness.
3:00 PMScrubs - My Last Words: J.D. and Turk set aside a decadelong tradition to comfort a dying patient.
3:30 PMScrubs - My Night to Remember: The staff remembers past events while helping a patient regain his memory.
4:00 PMScrubs - My Long Goodbye: Staff members deal with the possibility of Nurse Roberts' death in their unique ways.
4:30 PMScrubs - My Old Friend's New Friend: J.D. tries to smooth over his relationship with Elliot after their breakup.
5:00 PMScrubs - My Last Chance: Molly announces her intention to leave for a new job opportunity.
5:30 PMScrubs - My Life in Four Cameras: J.D. wonders what peoples' lives would be like if left in the hands of writers.
6:00 PMScrubs - My Catalyst: Obsessive-compulsive surgeon turns his disorder into an advantage.
6:30 PMScrubs - My Occurrence: J.D. sees the human side of Dr. Cox when he delivers bad news to the doctor's good friend.
7:00 PMScrubs - My Best Friend's Mistake: J.D. feels abandoned when Turk becomes occupied with his new girlfriend and work.
7:30 PMScrubs - My Jiggly Ball: J.D. is asked to introduce Dr. Kelso at an awards dinner and tries to find something good to say.
8:00 PMScrubs - My Cake: The staff tries to be sensitive toward J.D. when his brother tells him their father has died.
8:30 PMScrubs - My Way Home: J.D. must work on his day off; Turk searches for a heart donor.
9:00 PMScrubs - My Musical: The hospital becomes a Broadway stage when Patti checks in complaining of hearing incessant music.
9:30 PMScrubs - My Tormented Mentor: Turk tries to impress the new female surgeon; Carla teaches a course on sexual harassment.
10:00 PMScrubs - My Lunch: J.D. resolves to have lunch with Dr. Cox; a former patient teaches J.D. about responsibility.
10:30 PMScrubs - My Fallen Idol: Dr. Cox hits the bottle after one of his decisions does not work out well.
11:00 PMScrubs - My Big Bird: Dr. Kelso queries the staff as he investigates a patient's death.
11:32 PMScrubs - My Philosophy: J.D.'s theory about the hospital's balance between life and death is tested.
12:04 AMLocal Programming