27 June 2017

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10:00 PMFunny Face: A fashion photographer turns a Greenwich Village bookworm into a Paris cover girl.
12:00 AMAlways: Dead pilot returns to Earth to help girlfriend.
2:15 AMWar and Peace: Pierre loves Natasha, and Napoleon attacks Russia in this epic based on the Tolstoy novel.
6:00 AMRobin and Marian: Aging Robin Hood finds Maid Marian in nunnery.
8:00 AMWhat Price Hollywood?: A director on a drunken slide makes a Brown Derby waitress a star.
9:45 AMThe Case of the Curious Bride: San Francisco lawyer and gourmet chef Perry Mason solves a murder at a cocktail party.
11:15 AMNight Waitress: A waterfront waitress and her boyfriend know too much about a murder and gold.
12:30 PMThe Postman Always Rings Twice: A drifter stops at a Greek diner and helps the owner's lusty wife become a widow.
2:30 PMThe Judge Steps Out: A middle-aged Boston judge leaves his family, goes west and cooks in a woman's roadside diner.
4:15 PMThe Harvey Girls: A mail-order bride stops in a frontier gambler's town to work as a waitress.
6:00 PMAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: A hard-luck widow heads West with her son and meets a likeable rancher.
8:00 PMRollerball: A corporate dictator tries to oust the star player of a brutal 21st-century spectator sport.
10:15 PMCountdown: A scientist replaces a military officer as an astronaut on a space-race moonshot.
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