18 April 2015

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10:30 PMRoyal Wedding: A brother and sister take their act to 1947 London. Includes Astaire's famous dance on the ceiling.
12:15 AMScaramouche: An 18th-century Frenchman poses as a clown and meets a master swordsman in a duel of revenge.
2:30 AMThe Wreck of the Mary Deare: A salvager rescues the captain of a freighter whose mystery unfolds at a London court of inquiry.
4:30 AMChina Seas: A steamer captain moves gold with his ex-lover, a blonde and a pirate boss on board.
6:00 AMStage Fright: An English drama student and her father help a young man accused of killing an actress's husband.
8:00 AMAnd Then There Were None: An unknown host brings 10 sinners to an island, for punishment one by one.
10:00 AMBatman - The Phoney Doctor 
10:30 AMWaltz of the Toreadors: An old British general with a nagging wife has a chance to be with a Frenchwoman from his past.
12:15 PMChildren of the Damned: British researchers try to study six alien children with high IQs and eyes that paralyze.
2:00 PMAttack of the 50-Foot Woman: Turned into a giantess by an alien, a woman finds her husband in a bar with a floozy.
3:15 PMAirport: The manager of a Midwestern airport handles terminal hassles and a midair crisis.
5:45 PMThe Great Train Robbery: Dapper thieves rob gold bars from a moving train in 1855 England.
8:00 PMThe Hustler: A gambler stakes pool shark ``Fast Eddie'' Felson in a smoke-filled marathon against Minnesota Fats.
10:30 PMThe Brave Bulls: A Mexican matador's manager uses a woman to restore his courage after a close call.
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