28 July 2014

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10:00 PMThe Americanization of Emily: A Navy officer, ordered to document the first D-Day fatality, wines and dines a London widow.
12:00 AMThe Children's Hour: A schoolgirl ruins her two headmistresses with a scandalous lie.
2:00 AMVictor/Victoria: A Chicago mobster falls for a female impersonator, actually a woman, in 1930s Paris.
4:30 AMMarlowe: Private eye Philip Marlowe's manhunt leads to ice-pick murders, a stripper and a TV star in trouble.
6:30 AMDodsworth: An industrialist and his frivolous wife retire to Europe, where their marriage ends.
8:15 AMJudge Hardy and Son: The judge guides Andy through problems with girls, money and an essay contest.
10:00 AMThe Mortal Storm: An Austrian farmer and a professor's daughter flee Nazi Germany on skis.
11:45 AMThe Cossacks: A Russian villager is branded a coward because he would rather read than fight. Silent.
1:30 PMTide of Empire: The daughter of a rancher weds a gold prospector after he saves the town from outlaws. Silent.
2:45 PMChildren of Pleasure: A Tin Pan Alley songwriter falls for a society girl, but it doesn't work out.
4:00 PMThe Flame Within: A psychiatrist treats an alcoholic she loves and a suicidal girl who loves him.
5:15 PMDangerous Number: A rich businessman and a chorus girl have nothing in common but decide to marry anyway.
6:30 PMYellow Jack: Army surgeon Maj. Walter Reed uses soldier volunteers to study yellow fever in 1900 Cuba.
8:00 PMRio Grande: A cavalry colonel's Southern wife and estranged son, a soldier, join him at a fort out West.
10:00 PMSpencer's Mountain: The Wyoming Spencers have nine children, too small a house and a son who wants to go to college.
12:15 AMLocal Programming