29 June 2017

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10:00 PM10 Year Reunion: Four women uncover details surrounding the death of their friend 10 years prior.
12:00 AMOpen Marriage: A couple agree to an open relationship but are ill-prepared for the betrayal that soon follows.
2:00 AM10 Year Reunion: Four women uncover details surrounding the death of their friend 10 years prior.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMSex and the City star Kristin Davis on Her Gorgeous Hair Care Secrets!: Sexy hair secrets revealed from Kate Middleton's Royal hairdresser!
5:00 AMShow More Skin & Love the Way You Look: Women reveal how they went from crepey to incredible. See the transformations! www.CrepeErase.com.
5:30 AMNEW Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed with DuoClean Technology: Includes Duo Clean Technology, Pet multi tool, Duster crevice tool & FREE Canister Conversion Kit.
6:00 AMBroken Promise: A man becomes obsessed with his former girlfriend after he is released from prison.
8:00 AMBlind Obsession: A woman feels threatened when her sister forms a relationship.
10:00 AMThe Pastor's Wife: Mary Winkler becomes the prime suspect in the 2006 shooting death of her husband.
12:00 PMSins of the Preacher: After the apparent suicide of her daughter, a mother-in-law tries to prove that it was murder.
2:00 PMThe Novack Murders: Following the murder of hotel heir Ben Novack Jr., his wife, Narcy, becomes the prime suspect.
4:00 PMI Killed My BFF: Friendship between two mothers results in murder when one becomes attracted to the other's mate.
6:00 PMThe Good Nanny: A nanny begins to suspect that something is wrong with the wealthy family that hired her.
8:00 PMEvil Nanny: A couple try to fire their negligent nanny, only to learn that she'll have to be evicted.
10:00 PMManny Dearest: A single mother hires a male nanny, never suspecting that he has other plans for her family.
12:00 AMLocal Programming