30 July 2014

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11:00 PMIntervention - Miriam: Miriam, a reverend, was sexually abused as a child and turned to drugs at a young age.
12:00 AMIntervention - Andrew: A young drug addict manipulates his father and causes hardship for his family.
1:00 AMIntervention - Joe: Tormented as a child and viewed as a failure by his father, Joe turned to getting high as a way out.
2:00 AMIntervention - Adam: After Adam was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder he started to abuse alcohol.
3:00 AMIntervention - Miriam: Miriam, a reverend, was sexually abused as a child and turned to drugs at a young age.
4:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
4:30 AMMontel Williams: Living well with Montel and the devastating effects of identity theft.
5:00 AMProactiv Plus clears acne faster for radiant skin: All-New Proactiv Plus is our smartest, fastest, most effective system ever! By trusted GuthyRenker.
5:30 AMFree NutriBullet! Discover the secret to a longer, healthier life!: Buy 1, get 1 Free! Learn how the NutriBullet can help you feel better than you have in years!
6:00 AMCold Case Files - Weepy-Voiced Killer; The Mr. Big Sting: Prostitute helps police to track down a serial killer; elaborate sting.
7:00 AMCold Case Files - Innocent Prey; The Punishment: A wild hunch pays off in the capture of a serial rapist.
8:00 AMCity Confidential - Detroit: A Co-Ed's Secret Life: A pretty graduate student begins a relationship with a dangerous drifter.
9:00 AMCity Confidential - Albuquerque: The Black Widow: A health-care consultant shoots her philandering husband.
10:00 AMBlindsided: A killer terrorizes a blind woman in her New York penthouse after murdering her boyfriend.
12:00 PMBurden of Evil: A detective tries to save a senator's daughter from a kidnapper.
2:00 PMThe Nightmare Nanny: A woman uncovers the dark truth about the nanny who cares for her 3-year-old daughter.
4:00 PMI Dated a Psycho - Melissa Benson & Kevin Leland  : A woman discovers that her new romance is not picture perfect; a woman reveals a troubling secret.
5:00 PMI Killed My BFF - My Best Guy Friend  : A hidden attraction turns to jealousy setting off a chain reaction of revenge.
6:00 PMI Killed My BFF - Alabama Love Triangle  : When one best friend falls for the other man's wife, all bets are off.
7:00 PMKiller Kids - No Apparent Motive  : A woman is found strangled to death, and police discover her family has been murdered as well.
8:00 PMKiller Kids - Satan's Disciples  : Two runaways find themselves on opposite ends of a dark satanic ritual in rural Georgia.
9:00 PMKiller Kids - Jealousy  : A case of infatuation between a school girl and her friend spirals out of control.
10:00 PMCampus Nightmares - UNCW Stalker  : After a college student tries to end the relationship with her boyfriend, he begins to stalk her.
11:00 PMKiller Kids - Simon Says & For No Good Reason  : An outcast joins a military-style cult of misfit teenagers; armed robbery.
12:00 AMLocal Programming