23 April 2014

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10:00 PMLong Lost Son: A woman believes she sees her dead son with her estranged husband in a vacation video.
12:00 AMThe Familiar Stranger: A woman learns that her husband is really alive 15 years after he reportedly took his own life.
2:00 AMLong Lost Son: A woman believes she sees her dead son with her estranged husband in a vacation video.
4:00 AMWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System: WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without harsh chemicals.
4:30 AMCancer: Winning the Fight, Every Day: Cancer Treatment Centers of America gives patients more hope through their unique treatment model.
5:00 AMLive Longer! Discover the secret to a longer, healthier life!: Learn how the NutriBullet and Nutrition Extraction can help you feel better than you have in years!
5:30 AMFitness Trainers Are Earning Big $$$ In A Hot Career: Fitness trainers are in high demand! Helping people to stay fit in a super hot, high-paying career.
6:00 AMCold Case Files - Murder He Wrote; Caught by the Past: A Detroit cab-company owner is murdered in 1989; in 1986 a woman is found murdered in her bedroom.
7:00 AMCold Case Files - The Sunday Morning Slasher: Publicity of a man's mandatory release in Texas brings forth a witness to a murder in Michigan.
8:00 AMI Survived - Christi; Fred; Maria: A single mother is kidnapped, stabbed and left for dead.
9:00 AMI Survived - Jackie; Todd; Stephanie: A passenger is picked to die by hijackers who take control of her EgyptAir flight.
10:00 AMWhat Color Is Love?: A woman's affair with a married basketball player results in a custody battle over their son.
12:00 PMTrucker: A truck driver has to take care of her estranged son when her ex-husband becomes ill.
2:00 PMLittle Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story: A woman who lost her daughter in a fire tries to prove that a young girl is the same child.
4:00 PMHalf a Dozen Babies: Told she was unlikely to conceive, a woman taking fertility drugs gives birth to sextuplets.
6:00 PMAbducted: The Carlina White Story: Ann Pettway kidnaps an infant from a New York hospital and raises the child as her own daughter.
8:00 PMA Mother's Nightmare: A seductive teen becomes vindictive when her boyfriend tries to end the relationship.
10:00 PMThe Nightmare Nanny: A woman uncovers the dark truth about the nanny who cares for her 3-year-old daughter.
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