9 December 2016

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10:00 PMA Mother's Instinct: A woman takes matters into her own hands to find her missing son.
12:00 AMWhere's My Baby?: A woman begins a frantic search for the daughter that she gave birth to while in a coma.
2:00 AMA Mother's Instinct: A woman takes matters into her own hands to find her missing son.
4:00 AMShark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology - For Floors & Carpets: Without moving furniture and appliances, deep clean every nook and cranny in your home with Shark!
4:30 AMCreate an Unlimited Wardrobe on a Limited Budget: Gwynnie Bee is an online women's clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. 30-day free trial!
5:00 AMShark Powered Lift Away is 3 Vacuums In One!: No Loss Suction Vacuum - Dusting brush, Pet Upholstery Tool, Free Lifetime Warranty, Free Steam Mop.
5:30 AMBest Holiday Gift of 2016: Samsung POWERbot vacuum...let the house work while you play!
6:00 AMPast Tense: A woman uncovers alarming revelations after her 10-year-old daughter claims to have had a past life.
8:00 AMRing of Fire: June Carter rises to fame as a country singer, while falling in love with the legendary Johnny Cash.
10:00 AMUnstable: Disturbing incidents occur after a divorcee hires an ex-soccer star to take care of her son.
12:00 PMIndiscretion: An obsessed lover infiltrates every part of a married woman's life.
2:00 PMThe Perfect Boyfriend: A charming but devious man conspires to bilk a wealthy veterinarian of her money.
4:00 PMThe Perfect Girlfriend: Smitten with a new employee, a woman uses the Internet to impersonate his long-distance girlfriend.
6:00 PMBreak-Up Nightmare: A woman confronts the administrator of a website after nude photos of her daughter appear online.
8:00 PMRemote Paradise: An heiress travels to Hawaii and becomes swept into a whirlwind romance that exposes her to danger.
10:00 PMThe Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom: A divorced woman finds sexual liberation through online dating. Based on a book by Delaine Moore.