10 February 2016

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11:30 PMThat '70s Show - Jackie Bags Hyde: Jackie tries to make Hyde jealous by bringing a new guy to Red's barbecue.
12:00 AMThat '70s Show - Ice Shack: Everyone gets into hot water while playing a version of ``The Newlywed Game'' at the ice shack.
12:30 AMThat '70s Show - Who Wants It More?: Donna and Eric freeze each other out after getting into a fight about a school project.
1:00 AMThat '70s Show - Donna's Panties: Eric pulls down Donna's pants during a basketball game with the guys, revealing her granny panties.
1:30 AMThat '70s Show - Eric's Naughty No-No: Eric tries to enliven his and Donna's love-life; Kitty's sister (Valerie Harper) visits.
2:00 AMThat '70s Show - It's a Wonderful Life: Eric receives an angelic visitor after his breakup with Donna.
2:30 AMThat '70s Show - Red and Stacey: Red tries to set up Eric with a new employee from the Pricemart.
3:00 AMThat '70s Show - Donna Dates a Kelso: Eric urges Donna to move on, and she begins dating Kelso's older brother.
3:30 AMThat '70s Show - Kelso's Career: The gang disapproves of the way Casey treats Donna; Kelso gets a job.
4:00 AMThe Hungover Games: After celebrating too much, hung over friends wake up in a futuristic dystopia.
5:45 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Ty Burrell 
6:00 AMPortlandia - Pickathon: Portland's Pickathon Music Festival; Brendan and Michelle attend the festival via drone.
6:30 AMPortlandia - Going Gray: Fred wakes up with gray hair; the Mayor reminds Carrie about an arrangement they made.
7:00 AMComedy Bang! Bang! - Thomas Middleditch 
7:15 AMPatriot Games: An ex-CIA analyst protects his family from IRA-fringe terrorists on his trail.
10:00 AMStar Trek: First Contact: Picard and the others try to stop the half-robot Borg from sabotaging a rocket flight in 2063.
12:30 PMDark City: Ominous beings track a genius with no memory, who is accused of murder.
2:45 PMPatriot Games: An ex-CIA analyst protects his family from IRA-fringe terrorists on his trail.
5:30 PMWatchmen: After his former colleague is murdered, a masked vigilante probes a plot to destroy all superheroes.
9:00 PMBoogie Nights: A producer guides a man to success in the porn industry, but greed and egotism lead to his downfall.