28 August 2015

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11:01 PMCriminal Minds - Divining Rod: After an infamous serial killer is executed, women are murdered by a copycat.
12:01 AMCriminal Minds - Foundation: When a boy is found in the desert and another goes missing, the team searches for the kidnapper.
1:01 AMCriminal Minds - Heathridge Manor: The team investigates a series of gothic, ritualistic murders in Oregon.
2:01 AMCriminal Minds - The Company: When Morgan's sister thinks she sees their presumed-dead cousin, the BAU reopens her case.
3:02 AMCriminal Minds - Divining Rod: After an infamous serial killer is executed, women are murdered by a copycat.
4:02 AMShark Rocket Deluxe Pro - The Next Generation Shark Rocket: Without moving furniture and appliances, deep clean every nook and cranny in your home with Shark!
4:30 AMCarol Burnett's Lost Episodes!: No one has seen the first five seasons of The Carol Burnett Show since they were first aired.
5:00 AMBosley Hair Restoration: Learn about BOSLEY'S permanent and natural-looking hair restoration solution.
5:30 AMDermaWand- Look years younger!: DermaWand results - younger looking skin with only 2 three minute treatments a day.
6:00 AMWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System: WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without harsh chemicals.
6:30 AMThe Graduate: Learn about innovative undergrad and graduate degrees earned quickly, affordably.: Earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees in less time and less money at WGU.
7:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - The Mystery of Mona Lisa: Dog tries to help a young female fugitive who has the same birthdate as his late daughter.
8:00 AMDog the Bounty Hunter - The Comeback Kid: Dog is back in Colorado chasing a man who has fled to Texas so Dog tries a risky strategy.
9:00 AMFlipping Vegas - Hoarder House  : Scott purchases a hoarder's home with plans to quickly flip the junk-filled residence.
10:00 AMFlipping Vegas - Party House  : The twins agree to let Scott and Amie make the decisions in the flipping of a trashed party house.
11:00 AMFlipping Vegas - '70s House  : Scott purchases a home from the 1970s, then attempts to save money by changing Amie's designs.
12:00 PMWahlburgers - License to Grill  : A friendly game of touch football turns competitive when the Wahlberg clans gather in Los Angeles.
12:30 PMWahlburgers - Do the Hustle  : Things get feisty when members of Mark's entourage pitch ideas for new business ventures.
1:00 PMWahlburgers - Not Your Routine Poutine  : Paul must make a decision about a Wahlburger's poutine; Donnie arrives to help Paul.
1:30 PMWahlburgers - New Kids on the Boardwalk  : The highly-anticipated opening of a Wahlburgers in Coney Island is delayed.
2:00 PMDonnie Loves Jenny - Macky's Big Adventure  : Jenny sends Macky out on tour with Donnie; Macky hits on the band's fans.
2:30 PMDonnie Loves Jenny - Blending Families  : Jenny and Donnie focus on blending their families; Jenny and Elijah join Donnie for a concert.
3:00 PMThe First 48 - Loved to Death; Unmasked: Detectives investigate a gory bathroom; a shooting in a convenience store.
4:00 PMThe First 48 - Lost Highway; Out for Murda: Sgt. Roger Wedgeworth investigates the murder of a homeless man.
5:00 PMThe First 48 - Ultimate Price: In Miami, police attempt to find the killer of a good Samaritan who intervened in a robbery.
6:00 PMThe First 48 - Shattered Dreams; Left to Die: A Sudanese man is shot to death at his clothing store in Louisville, Ky..
7:00 PMThe First 48 - Carjacked; Bad Connection: An unidentified man is found dead in a field; a shooting victim is found in an abandoned apartment.
8:00 PMThe First 48 - Down in Overtown; Breaking Point
9:00 PMBehind Bars: Overtime - Is It Worth It?  : New corrections officer, Zach, encounters a violent inmate during his first day on the job.
10:00 PMBehind Bars: Overtime - The Con Game  : A career criminal cons Mangin; Andrew works to bust a gang member who is dealing drugs.
11:02 PMThe First 48 - Stolen Lives; Family Bonds: A vigilante may be the culprit in a stabbing case; a mother may have accompanied a shooter.
12:01 AMLocal Programming