3 June 2015

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11:05 PMBlood Out: A lawman resigns and goes under cover to sniff out his brother's murderer.
12:35 AMThe Look of Love: Britain's Paul Raymond builds a lucrative porn, entertainment and property empire.
2:30 AMSexy Wives Sinsations: The staff at a sex clinic uses erotic role-playing to help married couples.
4:00 AMFar From Home: A teen and her father run out of gas at a Nevada trailer park where a killer lurks.
5:30 AMGucci: The Director: Italian fashion designer Frida Giannini becomes the creative director for Gucci.
7:00 AMHit by Lightning: A nebbish lands a date with a hottie and gets wrapped up in a plot to kill her fearsome husband.
8:30 AMThe Good Doctor: Smitten with a pretty patient, a doctor tampers with her treatment to keep her close.
10:05 AMA Film With Me in It: Freak accidents claim the lives of an actor's friends and family.
11:35 AMSellebrity: Filmmaker Kevin Mazur examines the public's obsession with celebrities and fame.
1:10 PMLittle Odessa: A job returns a Russian-Jewish hit man to his family and the Mafia in Brooklyn.
3:00 PMExorcismus: Possessed by a demon, a teenager turns to her cleric uncle to perform an exorcism.
4:45 PMDangerous Minds: Teacher seeks to inspire urban delinquents.
6:25 PMFlying Blind: Suspicion begins to cloud an aeronautics specialist's affair with a much younger French-Algerian.
8:00 PMThe Way: An American father travels to France to claim the body of his estranged son.
10:00 PMThe Illusionist: A magician vies with the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire for a woman's love.
12:00 AMLocal Programming