10 July 2014

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11:30 PMJail: The jails of Salt Lake City, Austin, Texas, and Tulsa, Okla.
12:00 AMJail: A man is brought in for disorderly conduct; a man is booked for trespassing.
12:30 AMJail: The jails of Austin, Texas; Wayne, N.J.
1:00 AMJail: A drunk man continually shadow boxes; a married couple is brought in for punching a bartender.
1:30 AMJail: Two inmates have an altercation; a man charged with DUI claims he was set up.
2:00 AMJail: Facilities in Austin, Texas; Draper, Utah; Hillsboro, Ore.
2:30 AMJail: A man is brought in for starting fights; a woman is arrested for hitting a child.
3:00 AMJail: A young woman is brought in for battery of a police officer; a man is taken for urinating in public.
3:30 AMJail: A man is brought in for urinating in public and resisting arrest.
4:00 AMKnife Show/Cutlery Corner
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMNATURAL CURES 2014: Secrets ``They'' Don't Want You to Know About: ALL NEW 2014 book! Start saving your life today and enjoy a healthy tomorrow with Natural Cures.
6:30 AMBrazil Butt Lift: Dance and sculpt your way to the perfect butt in just 60 days. Yes you can!
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7:30 AMLook Younger Than Ever: It's Science, Not Magic: THE at-home solution that uses Radio Frequency to help manage the signs of premature aging.
8:00 AMShaun T's Focus T25
8:30 AMSummer Sexy With T25!: 25 Minutes a day. 5 Days a week. 100 Percent Results. Shaun T brings you Focus T25.
9:00 AMBar Rescue - On the Rocks  : Jon must save a failing former smoker's haven in California from burning out for good.
10:00 AMBar Rescue - Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Dumb  : Jon patches holes in a bar and forces the bar's staff to cater to the city's corporate clientele.
11:00 AMBar Rescue - Turtle on Its Back  : Jon tries to save a Bourbon Street bar in New Orleans from its delusional owners.
12:00 PMBar Rescue - Beer and Loathing in Las Vegas  : Two classically trained chefs have a blue collar bar that seems beyond repair.
1:00 PMHungry Investors - Brisket Beatdown  : A self-proclaimed king of BBQ and an authentic western chef compete for an investment.
2:00 PMBar Rescue - There's No Crying in the Bar Business  : An owner's incessant crying prevents her from noticing the massive employee theft at a sports bar.
3:00 PMBar Rescue - Grandpa Got Run Over by His Grandkids  : A bar owner's adult grandchildren use it as their own personal playground.
4:00 PMBar Rescue - Punch-Drunk & Trailer-Trashed  : A family's feuding pushes Jon Taffer to the limit. Outrageous antics force an extreme decision.
5:00 PMCops - Coast to Coast: Officers in Texas chase down a man after a bar fight.
5:30 PMCops - Coast to Coast: An officer uses mace; birds invade a home; impounded car.
6:00 PMCops - Coast to Coast: A suspect pulled over for a traffic violation has felony warrants and tries to flee.
6:30 PMJail: Inside Austin, Modesto, and Memphis jails.
7:00 PMCops - Coast to Coast: A deputy questions a woman who accuses her boyfriend of abusive behavior.
7:30 PMCops - 650th Milestone Episode Special Edition: Officers chase a vehicle reported stolen in Tennessee; police find males hiding illegal substances.
8:00 PMCops - 750th Episode Milestone: Officers catch suspects siphoning gas and snorting cocaine in Hillsborough County, Fla.
8:30 PMCops - 800th Episode Milestone Special Edition: A suspect is pursued by an officer on foot; a boa constrictor is found in a residential area.
9:00 PMiMPACT Wrestling: A Champions Showcase; The Wolves vs. Bram and Magnus; Sanada vs. Austin Aries and more.
11:00 PMCops - Coast to Coast: Officers encounter a man driving recklessly with a woman, an infant and a bag of cocaine in the car.
11:30 PMCops: Cameras catch police in action.
12:00 AMLocal Programming