27 May 2015

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11:00 PMPlanet Earth: Frozen Planet - Spring  : Spring in the polar regions; the greatest seasonal transformation of the planet begins.
12:00 AMPlanet Earth: Frozen Planet - Summer  : Summer speeds up life for polar wildlife as they raise their young while the sun never sets.
1:00 AMPlanet Earth: Frozen Planet - Autumn  : Adelie penguin chicks huddle together in creches and two chicks take their first swim.
2:00 AMPlanet Earth: Frozen Planet - Winter 
3:00 AMPlanet Earth: Frozen Planet - The Last Frontier 
4:00 AMPlanet Earth: Frozen Planet - On Thin Ice  : Rising temperatures are transforming the Poles and the implications are far-reaching.
5:00 AMPlanet Earth: Frozen Planet - The Epic Journey  : The highlights from the series; a view of the entire polar year from winter through summer.
6:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - J. Willy's: The owners of J. Willy's Bar and Grille contact chef Gordon Ramsay.
7:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - La Galleria 33, Part One: Ramsay goes to Boston's La Galleria 33 and tries to help the owners turn their business around.
8:00 AMKitchen Nightmares - Spin a Yarn: Ramsay heads to steakhouse Spin a Yarn in hope of revitalizing its menu and ambience.
9:00 AMTop Gear: The guys drive from Switzerland to the North Western coast of England on one tank of fuel.
10:00 AMTop Gear: Richard races a Ferrari Daytona from Portofino to St. Tropez against James in a power boat.
11:00 AMTop Gear: Jeremy and James invade Greenham Common to ask if the Communists ever made a good car.
12:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - Hollow Pursuits: A shy lieutenant (Dwight Schultz) retreats into fantasies actualized by the holodecks.
1:00 PMStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Most Toys: A shuttle explosion leads the crew to believe Data has been killed.
2:00 PMTop Gear: Ambitious but Rubbish: ``Top Gear's'' most inept moments; creating a V8-powered food blender; building Caterham car.
3:00 PMTop Gear: Ambitious but Rubbish: Building an old, people-friendly car; creating motorhomes suited to British roads.
4:00 PMTop Gear - Polar Special: The guys test dog against machine in an ambitious challenge.
5:00 PMTop Gear - Winter Olympics Special: Rocket-powered mini fired off a ski jump; biathlon in 4x4's; car ice hockey; Jaguar speed skating.
6:00 PMTop Gear - Apocalypse: The guys consider surviving and driving in a post-nuclear doomsday scenario.
7:30 PMGhost Rider: A motorcycle stuntman who sold his soul becomes a supernatural agent of vengeance.
10:00 PMRipper Street - Heavy Boots  : Teddy and Walter threaten landlords who won't buy from their brewery; Walter abducts Grace.
11:15 PMGhost Rider: A motorcycle stuntman who sold his soul becomes a supernatural agent of vengeance.