26 September 2016

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11:00 PMThe Craft: L.A. teens strike back at tormentors with witchcraft.
1:00 AMBill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Dopey dudes time-travel to fetch celebrities for a school project.
3:00 AMThe Golden Compass: In a parallel world, a girl sets out on an epic quest to save her friend.
5:00 AMThe Twilight Zone - Stopover in a Quiet Town: The morning after a wild party, a couple wakes up in a totally unfamiliar and artificial place.
5:30 AMThe Twilight Zone - An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge: Ambrose Bierce relates the tale of a Confederate soldier's execution at the end of the Civil War.
6:00 AMThe Twilight Zone - Queen of the Nile: The everlasting youth of a movie star arouses the curiosity of a magazine writer.
6:30 AMThe Twilight Zone - What's in the Box?: A man (William Demarest) sees himself on television, killing his wife (Joan Blondell).
7:00 AMSpecies: The Awakening: A professor discovers that she is a half-human, half-alien clone.
9:00 AMStarship Troopers: Earth's space fleet battles gigantic insects.
12:00 PMLand of the Lost: A time-space vortex sucks a scientific has-been and his companions into an alternate dimension.
2:00 PMDarkness Falls: The spirit of a woman who was lynched more than 150 years earlier haunts a New England town.
4:00 PMI, Frankenstein: Still alive in modern times, Frankenstein's creature becomes enmeshed in a war involving immortals.
6:00 PMMaleficent: Young Maleficent rises to protect her kingdom from invaders, but a betrayal hardens her heart.
8:00 PMSalt: A CIA officer goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy.
10:00 PMSorority Row: A killer threatens to expose the fatal secret binding a group of sorority sisters.
12:00 AMLocal Programming