18 December 2014

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11:30 PMThe Affair: Noah and Helen face a revelation; Alison spirals.
12:30 AMSex With Sunny Megatron - Fantasy  : Couples enjoy having sex outdoors; buying a vibrating sex toy; using sperm for a skin treatment.
1:00 AMWeb Therapy - Judicial Oversight  : Nina Garcia recaps Fiona's makeover; Kip learns the reason behind his law clerk's resignation.
1:30 AMDane Cook: Troublemaker: The comic performs.
3:00 AMSuicideGirls Must Die!: SuicideGirls disappear one by one as they frolic in the Maine woods for a calendar shoot.
3:30 AMPenn & Teller: Bulls...! - Area 51: UFO hunters search for mysterious aircraft flying over Area 51.
4:00 AMLost Songs Videos
4:15 AMThe Words: A wannabe writer pays a heavy price after claiming another man's long-lost work as his own.
6:00 AMAnother Stakeout: Police partners and DA track mob witness.
8:00 AMLove and Honor: A young soldier is torn between passion and duty when he falls for a free-spirited woman.
9:35 AMElizabethtown: A flight attendant helps a man get back on track.
11:45 AMLost Christmas: Anthony awakens with no memory of the past, and the unique ability to locate the lost.
1:30 PMBeing John Malkovich: A man discovers a tunnel that allows people to become the actor.
3:30 PMReplicant: An obsessed cop teams with the clone of a serial killer in order to catch the madman.
5:15 PMLost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued: Musicians record an album using newly discovered lyrics originally written by Bob Dylan in 1967.
7:00 PMHomeland - Krieg Nicht Lieb
8:00 PMThe Affair: Noah and Helen face a revelation; Alison spirals.
9:00 PMBoxing - Adonis Stevenson vs. Dmitry Sukhotsky  : Stevenson challenges Sukhotsky for his WBC light heavyweight title,12 rounds. From Quebec City.