31 March 2015

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11:00 PMCharlie Rose
12:00 AMTavis Smiley: Professor Philip Klinkner; author T. Geronimo Johnson.
12:30 AMOne on One With Steve Adubato: Professionals and innovators share their experiences.
1:00 AMKilimanjaro: After his girlfriend moves out, a man is inspired to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
2:25 AMAntiques Roadshow - Birmingham: Hand-colored Andy Warhol lithographs; southern dolls, including an ``Alabama baby'' doll.
3:30 AMCancer: The Emperor of All Maladies - Magic Bullets  : Sidney Farber introduces the modern era of chemotherapy in the 1940s; lymphoblastic leukemia.
5:30 AMWorkplace Essential Skills - Finding What You Need: Forms and Charts: The importance of accuracy; finding specific information in a document.
6:00 AMWild Kratts - Masked Bandits: As the team prepares for a creature costume party, everyone starts to notice strange things.
6:30 AMThomas & Friends - Food to Go: Stephen learns that speed is not the most important thing; James tries to back out of a challenge.
7:00 AMSesame Street - The Best House of the Year
8:00 AMCurious George - Curious George Amazon Adventure; Monkey Senses: George chases a tamarin monkey; George, Gnocchi and Hundley uses their senses when they get lost.
8:30 AMCurious George - George's Curious Dragon Dance; Bowling for Bobolinks: George and Marco try to mend a dragon costume in time for the Chinese New Year parade.
9:00 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel's Friends Say No; Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to Play  : Daniel is frustrated when Miss Elaina would rather read than play with him.
9:30 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel Visits School; Daniel Visits the Doctor  : Daniel is nervous when he visits school for the first time; Daniel is anxious about his checkup.
10:00 AMThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! - No Night Today; Fun in the Sun: The kids learn about night and day; playing in the sun.
10:30 AMThomas & Friends - Busy Days: Thomas plays hide and seek with Percy; Thomas finds a hat for a snowman.
11:00 AMPeg Plus Cat - The Pirate Problem; The Sleepover Problem  : Peg and Cat show a group of pirates how to share tropical fruit; pirates are scared at bedtime.
11:30 AMAngelina Ballerina: The Next Steps - Angelina and the Bandleader; Angelina and Polly's Two-Hour Show: The musical ensemble rehearses; Mr. and Mrs. Mouseling have trouble staying awake.
12:00 PMDinosaur Train - Have You Heard About the Herd?; Jess Hesperornis: Ernie introduces Tiny and Buddy to a herding game; a water-dwelling dinosaur is also a bird.
12:30 PMDinosaur Train - Erma Eoraptor; Under the Volcano: Erma Eoraptor, one of the first species of dinosaur that ever lived; Old Smoky.
1:00 PMTavis Smiley: Professor Philip Klinkner; author T. Geronimo Johnson.
1:30 PMCharlie Rose
2:30 PMSesame Street - The Best House of the Year 
3:00 PMCurious George - Curious George Amazon Adventure; Monkey Senses: George chases a tamarin monkey; George, Gnocchi and Hundley uses their senses when they get lost.
3:30 PMSuper Why! - Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Whyatt messes up Jack's room and gets in big trouble; a big mess surrounds Goldilocks.
4:00 PMOdd Squad - Soundcheck Part Deux; Jinx  : The members of Soundcheck go missing; all of Odd Squad gets a case of the jinx.
4:30 PMCyberchase - Inside Hacker: Cybersquad attempts to insert a new memory chip.
5:00 PMCyberchase - Past Perfect Prediction: The team helps Slider save his home from Hacker, who has threatened to evict him.
5:30 PMBBC World News America: U.S.-targeted nightly newscast.
6:00 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMNightly Business Report
7:00 PMPBS NewsHour
8:00 PMNOVA - Alien Planets Revealed: NASA's Kepler telescope discovers thousands of exotic new worlds, some of which may harbor life.
9:00 PMCancer: The Emperor of All Maladies - Finding the Achilles Heel  : The first targeted therapies are developed; a focus on prevention and early detection takes shape.
11:00 PMCharlie Rose
12:00 AMLocal Programming