26 July 2017

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11:02 PMFear Factor - Party Games  : Fear party games for couples including bobbing for snakes, Fear Pong and driving blindfolded.
12:02 AMFear Factor - Helicopter Parents  : Ludacris tests family bonds as parents and their kids compete for $50,000.
1:02 AMFear Factor - Freaks vs. Geeks: Teams go inside a glass box with frogs and alligators.
2:02 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Blac Chyna; It's a Movie: Blac Chyna; ``Talkin' Spit''; ``Twerk Work''; ``Bullspittin'''; It's a Movie performs.
2:30 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Lil Yachty: Lil Yachty; ``Got Props''; ``Remix''; ``Why You Bullspittin''; ``The Wildstyle.''
3:00 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Trina: Trina; ``Talking Spit''; ``Turn Me Up in the Headphones''; ``Remix''; ``The Wildstyle.''
3:30 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Stevie J; Joseline; Yo Gotti: Stevie J and Joseline; ``Outgoing Message''; ``Plead the Fifth''; Yo Gotti performs.
4:00 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Travis Scott: Nick Cannon and Travis Scott battle it out in games: Let Me Holla and Pie or Die.
4:30 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Faizon Love; 2 Milly: Faizon Love; ``Tore Up From the Floor Up''; ``Thanks for Nothing''; 2 Milly performs.
5:00 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Trevor Jackson; DRAM: Trevor Jackson; ``Let Me Holla''; ``Hood Jeopardy''; ``R&Beef''; ``The Wildstyle''; DRAM performs.
5:30 AMNick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out - Keke Palmer; Erykah Badu; Mack Wilds; Curren$y: Keke Palmer; Erykah Badu; ``Jokin' Word''; ``Family Reunion''; ``R&Beef''; Curren$y performs.
6:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Tiana & James  : A young woman moves across the country to be with her Internet love, but he is being elusive.
7:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Thad & Sara  : Thaddius seeks refuge from his struggling marriage through an online relationship with Sara.
8:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Devan & Rylan  : A young man wants to believe his online girlfriend is marriage material.
9:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Brendan & McKenna  : Failed attempts to connect with his love leave a man wondering if she is real.
10:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Ray & Lexi  : Ray is adamant about finally meet his online love of four years, Lexi.
11:00 AMCatfish: The TV Show - Leuh & Justin  : A woman wants to find out if a surfer is actually the man of her dreams.
12:10 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Dejay, Malik & Josiah  : Nev and Max learn that two people are being played by the same guy.
1:20 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Lucas & Many  : Jayme learns that her online boyfriend is fake and that he is catfishing other women as well.
2:30 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Robert & Ashleigh  : With news he may not have long to live, Robert asks Nev and Max to bring his online love to him.
3:40 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Mecca & Tanner  : An 18-year-old wants to connect with the guy she has been in love with for five years.
4:50 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Larissa & Anthony  : After being catfished by her best friend, Larissa turns to another online friend for support.
6:00 PMFriends - The One With Two Parties: Rachel's separated parents unexpectedly attend her surprise birthday party.
6:30 PMFriends - The One With the Chicken Pox: Phoebe hopes for romance when a longtime pal (Charlie Sheen) visits New York.
7:00 PMFriends - The One With Barry and Mindy's Wedding: Rachel serves as a bridesmaid in her ex-fiance Barry's wedding.
7:30 PMFriends - The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy: Monica suffers from insomnia after her breakup; Ross reveals a fantasy.
8:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Johnny & Connor  : Nev and Max are asked to help track down a missing online love.
9:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Robert & Ashleigh  : With news he may not have long to live, Robert asks Nev and Max to bring his online love to him.
10:00 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Robin & Wayne  : Robin desperately wants to meet her hunky, long-distance love in person.
11:01 PMCatfish: The TV Show - Dylan & Ally  : A man receives an anonymous text warning him that his online love is not who she says she is.
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