24 September 2016

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10:15 PMPatterns: A New York corporate boss grooms an Ohio engineer for the No. 2 man's job.
12:00 AMThe Feminine Touch: A professor and his wife move to New York and confuse a publisher's romance with his assistant.
2:00 AMNight Train to Terror: God and Satan discuss the fates of three people on a train.
3:45 AMHorror Express: Victorian scientists fight a missing-link monster making zombies on a trans-Siberia train.
5:30 AMWonderful World of Tupperware: The making of Tupperware.
6:00 AMLove Laughs at Andy Hardy: Judge's son loves a coed engaged to another.
8:00 AMMeet the People: A Broadway star goes to work in a shipyard after a playwright/welder kicks her out of his show.
10:00 AMLydia: An elderly woman recalls her suitors: a football hero, a doctor, a blind musician and a sailor.
12:00 PMSusan Slade: A poor writer rivals a rich man's son for a young woman with a secret out-of-wedlock child.
2:15 PMInside Daisy Clover: An overnight starlet marries a homosexual actor and goes downhill in 1930s Hollywood.
4:30 PMMuscle Beach Party: A contessa has her eyes on a surfer whose beach faces a threat from imposing bodybuilders.
6:15 PMJailhouse Rock: An inmate learns guitar from his cellmate, then gets an agent and turns rock 'n' roll star.
8:00 PMStormy Weather: A veteran entertainer recalls his wife, his colleagues and his career from 1911 to 1936.
9:30 PMThe Littlest Rebel: A cute Virginian visits President Lincoln on behalf of her father, caught as a spy.
11:00 PMKing for a Day: A talented tap dancer uses his craps skills to win ownership of a musical show.
12:00 AMLocal Programming