29 April 2016

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11:15 PMA Child Is Waiting: A teacher and a psychologist work with children at an institute for the mentally impaired.
1:15 AMJudgment at Nuremberg: A Yankee judge conducts the 1948 trial of Nazi war criminals.
4:30 AMGay Purr-ee: A small-town cat and her two sidekicks leave the country to explore the wonders of Paris. Animated.
6:00 AMPepe: A poor Mexican with a white horse brings luck to a down-and-out Hollywood director.
9:00 AMThe Dentist: A dentist becomes furious when his daughter falls for the iceman.
9:30 AMPassport to Suez: Master sleuth Lone Wolf outwits Nazi spies for canal plans in Egypt.
10:45 AMBlues Busters: The Bowery Boys open a nightclub after Sach has his tonsils out and wakes up with a singing voice.
12:00 PMThe Fly: A Canadian scientist's molecular disintegrator swaps his head with a fly's.
2:00 PMSoylent Green: Future New Yorkers live on a trademarked food, which two detectives find has a secret ingredient.
4:00 PMFive Million Years to Earth: Professor Quatermass finds dead insect men in a martian spaceship unearthed in the London subway.
6:00 PMCountdown: A scientist replaces a military officer as an astronaut on a space-race moonshot.
8:00 PMThe Uninvited: A British brother and sister move to a coastal mansion haunted by two ghosts.
10:00 PMH.M. Pulham, Esq.: A Boston aristocrat recalls falling in love with a copywriter in 1920s New York.
12:15 AMLocal Programming