30 March 2015

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11:30 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Never Say Xever  : Leo regrets his act of mercy when Xever holds a local store owner hostage.
12:00 AMNFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians - Marty's Mistake  : When Marty messes around in the Hall of Knowledge, it wreaks havoc in Canton.
12:30 AMWild Grinders - Cat Scratch Meaty; Wild BFFs  : Meaty becomes an Internet sensation by disguising himself as a skateboarding cat.
1:00 AMThe Legend of Korra - Original Airbenders  : Though contending with Bumi's bad attitude, Tenzin tries to train the new members of the Air Nation.
1:30 AMThe Legend of Korra - The Terror Within  : Zaheer and his gang try to kidnap Korra.
2:00 AMThe Legend of Korra - The Stakeout  : Korra learns the truth about the group that is planning to destroy her.
2:30 AMThe Legend of Korra - Long Live the Queen  : Asami and Korra are stranded in the desert.
3:00 AMRobot and Monster - Anger Management; Family Business  : Robot enrolls Monster in an anger management class in hopes of helping his best friend.
3:12 AMRobot and Monster - Between Brothers; Safety First  : The boys must work together to get their apartment back when Robot's brother becomes their landlord.
3:38 AMRobot and Monster - Security and Risk; Ogo's Birthday  : After Robot and Monster's apartment is burglarized, Robot designs a security system.
4:04 AMThe Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - Granny Baby; Time Is Money: Jimmy goes back in time to give his parents an investment tip.
4:30 AMThe Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - The Incredible Shrinking Town: Jimmy's shrink-ray accidentally hits the entire population of Retroville.
4:56 AMFanboy & Chum Chum - Game Boy; Crib Notes: When Boog leaves his Chimp Chomp unguarded, Fanboy and Chum Chum seize the opportunity to play.
5:08 AMFanboy & Chum Chum - Heroes vs. Villains; Face-Eating Aliens From Planet X!: Fanboy and Chum Chum argue over whether heroes or villains are better.
5:34 AMThe Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - My Big Fat Spy Wedding: Jimmy is sent on a mission to track the activities of Beautiful Gorgeous.
6:00 AMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones  : Casey Jones and Raphael must put their dislike for each other aside and work together.
6:30 AMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fungus Humungous  : A fungus mutant spreads through the sewers causing the Turtles to experience their worst fears.
7:00 AMLBX: Little Battlers Experience - Revelations  : The New Dawn Raisers challenge the gang to enter an underground tournament.
7:30 AMAvatar: The Last Airbender - The Firebending Masters: Zuko and Aang set out to learn the true meaning of Firebending from the original teachers.
8:00 AMThe Legend of Korra - Venom of the Red Lotus  : Zaheer enacts his deadly plan.
8:30 AMDigimon Fusion - A Dark Cloud Over the Sky Zone!  : Lucemon reveals his wicked nature shortly after being elected the new president of the Sky Zone.
9:00 AMPower Rangers Super Megaforce - Silver Lining  : The Rangers are shocked when they discover the presence of a new Silver Ranger.
9:30 AMPower Rangers Super Megaforce - Silver Lining  : Orion explains his past to Gosei and the Rangers and reveals how he obtained the Silver Ranger key.
10:00 AMDanny Phantom - Mystery Meat: A ghostly lunch lady seeks revenge when the school cafeteria serves only vegetarian meals.
10:30 AMDanny Phantom - One of a Kind: A ghost hunter sets his sights on Danny.
11:00 AMPlanet Sheen - Pilot: Sheen launches himself into outer space and crash lands on the planet Zeenu.
11:30 AMPlanet Sheen - Sheen for a Day; Well Bread Man: Sheen accidentally gives Princess Oom the most important part of his rocket ship.
12:00 PMRobot and Monster - Super Pole; Boomerang  : Robot and Monster root for opposing teams at the Super Pole party.
12:30 PMRobot and Monster - Between Brothers; Safety First  : The boys must work together to get their apartment back when Robot's brother becomes their landlord.
1:00 PMThe Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - The Retroville 9; Grumpy Young Men: Jimmy improves equipment.
1:30 PMThe Penguins of Madagascar - The Red Squirrel; It's About Time: Kowalski sends his future self to keep his present self from creating a time machine.
2:00 PMThe Penguins of Madagascar - The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel: The penguins set out to find a legendary treasure before the rats can find it.
2:30 PMOggy and the Cockroaches - Olivia; Run, Olivia, Run!; The Lighthouse Keeper  : Oggy falls in love with his new neighbor; Oggy chases the roaches all over the city.
3:00 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Baxter's Gambit  : Baxter Stockman seeks revenge on Fishface and Dogpound as well as the Turtles.
3:30 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Enemy of My Enemy  : Karai realizes the seriousness of the alien threat and proposes an alliance with the Turtles.
4:00 PMMonsters vs. Aliens - It Came ... on a Field Trip; Educational Television  : The monsters find an alien in the woods doing an Earth studies project.
4:30 PMMonsters vs. Aliens - Flipped Out; The Wormhole Has Turned  : B.O.B. discovers a secret switch that General Monger tells him not to touch; Dr. C's machine.
5:00 PMBreadwinners - Love Loaf; Beach Day ... of Horror  : SwaySway and Buhdeuce sneak into a summer camp for girls; the boys are excited to go to the beach.
5:30 PMSanjay and Craig - Alien Craig; Googas  : When Sanjay forgets to take out the garbage, a trip to the dump becomes a journey.
6:00 PMAvatar: The Last Airbender - Zuko Alone: Zuko wanders into an Earth Kingdom town where he bonds with a local boy.
6:30 PMAvatar: The Last Airbender - The Chase: A mysterious machine pursues the children.
7:00 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - TCRI  : The Turtles discover the true intent of the Kraang and resolve to stop the alien invasion.
7:30 PMTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Cockroach Terminator  : While trying to foil a Kraang invasion plot, the Turtles are hunted by a giant cockroach.
8:00 PMHarvey Beaks - Pe-Choo!; The Spitting Tree  : In order to have an awesome time at the lake, Harvey must do the one thing that is hardest for him.
8:30 PMNickelodeon's 28th Annual Kids' Choice Awards: Children choose favorites from music, film, television and sports; Nick Jonas hosts.
10:00 PMThe Fairly OddParents - Dream Goat; The Same Game: Timmy wishes that the town's prize goat could be free; Timmy wishes that everyone could be alike.
10:30 PMThe Fairly OddParents - Mr. Right; Baby Face: Timmy wishes that everything he says is right; Timmy gets to be placed with the big kids.
11:00 PMThe Fairly OddParents - The Big Problem; Power Mad: Timmy wishes he were an adult; Cosmo and Wanda create a video game.
11:30 PMThe Fairly OddParents - Totally Spaced Out; The Switch Glitch: Timmy has to save Vicky from an alien prince; Timmy wishes he could baby-sit Vicky.
12:00 AMLocal Programming