21 August 2014

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11:00 PMKiller Kids - Please Kill for Me  : When a privileged girl convinces her friends to do bad things, the community is shocked.
12:00 AMKiller Kids - Satan's Disciples  : Two runaways find themselves on opposite ends of a dark satanic ritual in rural Georgia.
1:00 AMKiller Kids - Raging Hormones  : A teen forms a friendship in an Internet chat room that takes him down a dark road.
2:00 AMKiller Kids - Dangerously in Love  : Teenagers, who because of hormones and development within the brain, cannot deal.
3:00 AMKiller Kids - Please Kill for Me  : When a privileged girl convinces her friends to do bad things, the community is shocked.
4:00 AMWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System: WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without harsh chemicals.
4:30 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:00 AMMontel Williams: Living well with Montel and the devastating effects of identity theft.
5:30 AMLife Recharged: Copper-infused Energy Wear. Find rejuvenating relief and energy, live a more positive life.
6:00 AMCold Case Files - A Man Scorned; The Dungeon: DNA evidence helps police crack an 8-year-old murder case in Virginia.
7:00 AMCold Case Files - Terror in Telluride; Signature of a Killer: A tipster's call helps solve the murder of the heir to the U-Haul fortune.
8:00 AMI Killed My BFF - Power of Attorney  : A defense attorney and a paralegal become friends as they work together in Los Angeles.
9:00 AMI Killed My BFF - Housemate From Hell  : Two friends buy a house together and sign an insurance policy.
10:00 AMA Long Way Home: Family members struggle to heal their emotional wounds after an incident of sexual abuse.
12:00 PMToo Young to Be a Dad: A teacher tries to help her teenage son make the right decision after he impregnates a classmate.
2:00 PMMy Baby Is Missing: A woman begins a frantic search for her newborn, suspecting a nurse abducted the infant.
4:00 PMThe Memory Keeper's Daughter: A nurse raises a girl who has Down syndrome after the father abandons her at childbirth.
6:00 PMBringing Ashley Home: When her younger sister disappears, Libba Phillips embarks on a cross-country journey to find her.
8:00 PMHalf a Dozen Babies: Told she was unlikely to conceive, a woman taking fertility drugs gives birth to sextuplets.
10:00 PMBaby for Sale: A couple helps bust a baby broker.
12:00 AMLocal Programming