4 May 2015

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10:02 PMAll About Steve: A smitten woman follows a news cameraman around the country.
12:02 AMTwo Weeks Notice: A millionaire confronts his feelings for his lawyer, who is quitting after five years of service.
2:04 AMAll About Steve: A smitten woman follows a news cameraman around the country.
4:04 AMJane Seymour's Secret to Youthful-looking skin: Smooth, firm, and lift the look of dry, wrinkly, crepe paper-looking skin. www.CrepeErase.com.
4:34 AMTummy Tuck: Miracle Nonsurgical Discovery Melts Away Belly Fat: Miracle belly fat melting discovery. 10 minute method done at home melts away tummy fat.
5:04 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
5:34 AMPaid Programming: Paid programming.
6:00 AMPerricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D: Don't let your neck make you look too old! Look visibly younger with Cold Plasma Sub-D.
6:30 AMKitchenAid Mixer: KitchenAid debuts the new Food Processor attachment for the iconic Stand Mixer.
7:00 AMWEN by Chaz Dean Revolutionary Hair Care System: WEN by Chaz Dean is revolutionary hair care that cleans and conditions without harsh chemicals.
7:30 AMMission Makeover - The Finale: Mission Accomplished  : The experts and the women gather to review final numbers and show off their new bodies.
8:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A policeman is wanted for rape; a man vanishes in a plane; a man was struck by lightening.
9:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: An Oklahoma man goes on the run after killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend.
10:00 AMUnsolved Mysteries: A man escapes from prison; a woman is set on fire while sleeping in bed.
11:00 AMFrasier - Goodnight, Seattle: Frasier and Niles offer to plan Martin's wedding in a matter of days.
11:30 AMFrasier - Goodnight, Seattle: Frasier and Niles come to the rescue and offer to plan Martin's wedding in a matter of days.
12:00 PMHow I Met Your Mother - The Stinson Missile Crisis: Robin must attend therapy after assaulting a woman who was hoping to ruin Barney's relationship.
12:30 PMHow I Met Your Mother - Field Trip: Marshall decides to step in after seeing his boss's approach to settling with a big company.
1:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - Break on Through: Nurses go on strike, leaving the doctors to fend for themselves.
2:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - It's the End of the World: Meredith has a premonition of a bad day; a medical case threatens the lives of everyone in the OR.
3:00 PMGrey's Anatomy - As We Know It: Despite the best efforts of the Seattle Grace staff, the code-black situation escalates.
4:00 PMWife Swap - Brown/Neighbors: A self-described ``supermom'' trades places with a free-spirited mother.
5:00 PMWife Swap - Parker/Robinson: A woman devoted to launching her son's his hip-hop career trades places with a monster hunter.
6:00 PMDance Moms - Maddie vs. Kalani  : Determined to have a victory, the girls face Murrieta Dance Project; Abby gives solos.
7:00 PMDance Moms - Video Killed the ALDC Star  : JoJo and Kendall have challenging solos for the last competition in Los Angeles.
8:00 PMDance Moms - Dance & Chat: Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1  : The team returns to Pittsburgh to tie up loose ends before they move to Los Angeles.
9:00 PMDance Moms - Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2  : The ALDC embarks on their final competition before their move to Los Angeles.
10:02 PMKim of Queens - Hillbilly in Heels  : Kim is determined to turn ill-mannered Addison into a beauty queen.
11:02 PMKim of Queens - Angie Goes Rogue  : Kim and her sister head off to the rodeo in an attempt to turn a cowgirl into a pageant queen.
12:02 AMLocal Programming