26 September 2016

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9:45 PMTorch Song Trilogy: A 1970s drag queen falls in love twice and also comes to terms with his Brooklyn mother.
12:00 AMTonight and Every Night: An old London stage manager recalls a performer's wartime romance with an RAF pilot.
2:00 AMThe Sea Hawk: A British privateer raids Spanish ships with his queen's permission in 1585.
4:15 AMThe Sea Wolf: Jack London's Wolf Larsen brutalizes people trapped on his ship, the Ghost.
6:00 AMHollywood Hobbies: Two movie fans encounter Tinseltown royalty while on a guided tour.
6:30 AMThe King's Vacation: After abdicating, a king leaves his queen to see his first wife.
7:45 AMGold Diggers of 1937: An insurance man and a chorus girl baby a heavily insured Broadway producer.
9:30 AMVarsity Show: A Broadway producer offers to help college students put on a show at his alma mater.
11:00 AMStation West: An undercover Army officer links dead soldiers and stolen gold to a frontier saloon queen.
12:30 PMBattle Circus: A nurse joins a boozing major's Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War.
2:15 PMThe Stratton Story: Inspired by his wife and son, Chicago White Soxer Monty Stratton pitches with an artificial leg.
4:15 PMThe Sailor Takes a Wife: A sailor and a canteen girl meet and marry on the same night, followed by a letdown.
6:00 PMMusic for Millions: An orchestra leader's right-hand man befriends a little girl whose musician sister is pregnant.
8:00 PMBananas: Rejected by his radical girlfriend, a wimpy New Yorker heads for San Marcos to lead its revolution.
9:30 PMYoung Frankenstein: Absurd Dr. Frankenstein visits the family castle in Transylvania and makes a monster.
11:30 PMFoul Play: Policeman guards librarian aware of plot to kill pope.