26 July 2017

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11:15 PMWho's Your Caddy?: A rap mogul faces stiff opposition when he tries to join a conservative country club.
1:00 AMPhat Beach: Teens sell cheap sunglasses in Southern California.
2:30 AMCode 46: A futuristic investigator falls for his quarry.
4:05 AMFight Valley: A woman infiltrates a ring of underground fighters to find her sister's killer.
5:40 AMMeet the Browns: A woman meets her late father's uproarious family for the first time.
7:30 AMHidalgo: A Westerner races a horse across the Arabian desert.
9:50 AMWeiner: A new sex scandal emerges as former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) runs for mayor of New York.
11:30 AMJimi: All Is by My Side: In 1966, James Hendrix changes his name to Jimi and makes his musical mark in London.
1:30 PMThe Howling: Reborn: Heir to a line of werewolves, a teenager battles a pack of beasts and his own lust for blood.
3:05 PMThe Wicked Within: After the death of a child, a member of her family becomes possessed by a vengeful demonic spirit.
4:30 PMThe Forbidden Kingdom: An American teen travels back in time to ancient China and joins the quest to free the Monkey King.
6:15 PMBrand: A Second Coming: Comedian Russell Brand transforms himself into a political antagonist.
8:00 PMMr. Brooks: A deadly game of blackmail ensues when a voyeur snaps a serial killer at a murder scene.
10:00 PMPet: A young waitress engages in psychological warfare with the lonely man who abducts her.
11:35 PMHard Candy: A 14-year-old girl looks to punish a suspected pedophile.