22 July 2017

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11:00 PMInsane Pools: Second Splash - Grand Grottos  : Lucas and the team head down south to battle unpredictable weather and some challenging materials.
12:00 AMInsane Pools: Second Splash - Serene Swim-Holes  : The team builds a tranquil spa meant to be a relaxing backyard getaway.
1:00 AMInsane Pools: Off the Deep End - Paradise on the Bay  : The Lucas Lagoons crew crafts a bayside paradise for a couple with a home in Snead Island, Fla.
2:00 AMInsane Pools: Off the Deep End - In Hot Water  : The crew creates a huge double-pool feature with a connecting stream and several custom surprises.
3:00 AMTanked - Bill Engvall: Here's Your Tank!  : Weight restrictions throw a wrench in plans to build a Zen-like fish tank for comedian Bill Engvall.
4:00 AMTanked - NBA Wizardry  : ATM builds a giant pair of dice tank for NBA All-Star John Wall; huge lighthouse aquarium.
5:00 AMTanked - Prince Fielder's Big Hit  : ATM builds a saltwater aquarium in the man cave of the Texas Rangers' first baseman, Prince Fielder.
6:00 AMToo Cute! - Puffy Beach Kitties  : A lumbering Newfoundland bowls over spotted Bengal kittens; Norwegian forest cats test the water.
7:00 AMToo Cute! - Rainbow Colored Kittens  : Litter of Maine Coon kitties; quiet Siamese kitten with limp; shy black kitten befriends old tabby.
8:00 AMToo Cute! - Little Wildcats  : Moo faces baby skunk; Gus tries to befriend dog; Savannah in search of brave playmate.
9:00 AMBuying the Beach - Beaches in the Boonies  : Kelly and Lanny want to upgrade their home in the Florida Keys.
9:30 AMBuying the Beach - Dirt Cheap on the Water  : Couple has their sights set on the Florida Keys, in search of a budget-friendly home.
10:00 AMBuying the Beach - Appalachian Islands  : Private islands off the coast of South Carolina offer rustic and roughing it types of experiences.
10:30 AMBuying the Beach - Beach Brothers  : A home on Alabama's Gulf Shore.
11:00 AMBuying Hawaii - BBQ Haven  : Patrick and Jeannie leave Massachusetts for Maui.
11:30 AMBuying Hawaii - Flying Kauai  : Gerry and Julie search for a home that combines adventure and functionality.
12:00 PMBuying Hawaii - Backyard Survival  : Erik and Amy want their own backyard farm to teach Bennett how to live off the land.
12:30 PMBuying Hawaii - Explosive Living  : Joel and Lani are willing to face the risk of lava to live on The Big Island.
1:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Bully Cat  : A couple fear having a child because of their aggressive cat, Martini; cats fight in kitty litter.
2:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Bad Max  : Jackson works on the behavior of a hyperactive Persian cat named Mr. Weasley.
3:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Jekyll and Hyde Cat  : Blind cat suffering from living in chaotic environment; a good during the day becomes bad at night.
4:00 PMMy Cat From Hell: Cat Facts - A Scratch From the Past  : All new thoughts from Jackson as he encounters desperate owner who wants to declaw his cat.
5:00 PMMy Cat From Hell: Cat Facts - Feral Shop Cat  : All new thoughts from Jackson as he looks to break up cat fight that has caused guardians to move.
6:00 PMMy Cat From Hell: Cat Facts - Kitten Impossible: Roadtrip Rescue  : All new thoughts from Jackson as he transports fifty kittens from Los Angeles to Boulder, Colorado.
7:00 PMMy Cat From Hell: Cat Facts - Mojito Cat  : Jackson follows up with Mojito, a cat from his kitten rescue who is struggling at a new home.
8:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Cats in Isolation  : Four cats in one house are constantly at each other's throats; two cats forced to live in isolation.
9:00 PMPit Bulls & Parolees: Back to the Beginning - Crisis  : Tia deals with a series of crises as Tania refuses to pull her weight and a parolee goes missing.
10:00 PMPit Bulls & Parolees: Back to the Beginning - Sin City  : Running a rescue shelter under financial strain, Tia cannot turn down the offer of a benefit.
11:00 PMMy Cat From Hell - Cats in Isolation  : Four cats in one house are constantly at each other's throats; two cats forced to live in isolation.
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