16 October 2017

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11:21 PMThe Walking Dead - Cherokee Rose: Shane makes a deadly sacrifice; the group tries to hang on between living to die or dying to live.
12:23 AMThe Walking Dead - Chupacabra: The group makes a plan that Hershel disagrees with adamantly.
1:23 AMThe Walking Dead - Secrets: Glenn knows too much for his comfort level; Daryl tries to make it back to the farm alive.
2:24 AMThe Walking Dead - Pretty Much Dead Already: Secrets are told and revealed; Hershel refuses to acknowledge the world's new reality.
3:25 AMHalt and Catch Fire - Search; Ten of Swords: Donna celebrates a milestone with her closest allies; Cameron contemplates saying goodbye.
5:39 AMThe Three Stooges - Men in Black: Intern Stooges err fatally; guest Billy Gilbert.
5:49 AMThe Three Stooges - Beer Barrel Polecats  : The boys sell illegal brew to a cop.
6:00 AMPeter Popoff Ministries: For over 30 years Reverend Peter Popoff has provided spiritual direction.
6:30 AMStar Shower: Star Shower Slideshow is the brightest, most beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays.
7:00 AMLifeLock Protection: Identity theft protection: learn about America's fastest growing crime & how LifeLock can help you.
7:30 AMGet on track with Cue: Cue Vapor is vaping made simple, a spill-proof disposable vaping system available in many flavors.
8:00 AMLooking for a Medicare plan? Tune in now!: Watch and learn about Humana Medicare Advantage plans.
8:30 AMShark IONFlex DuoClean Cord-Free Ultra-Light Vacuum - Shark MultiFlex Technology for Carpets & Floors: Cordless convenience, converts to a hand vacuum, removable battery, more suction power.
9:00 AMTales From the Darkside: The Movie: A doomed boy stalls a witch with three tales: ``Lot 249,'' ``Cat From Hell'' and ``Lover's Vow.''
10:30 AMFirestarter: Quasifederal agents hunt a man,who can bend minds, and his daughter,who can start fires by staring.
1:00 PMThe Walking Dead - Nebraska: Rick and the others try to restore order; Hershel takes up an old habit and disappears.
2:00 PMThe Walking Dead - Triggerfinger: Rick, Hershel and Glenn are trapped and fight to survive; Shane finds Lori in danger.
3:01 PMThe Walking Dead - 18 Miles Out: Rick and Shane are in conflict over the fate of an outsider; Hershel's daughter faces a decision.
4:01 PMThe Walking Dead - Judge, Jury, Executioner: Rick sides with Shane causing Dale to worry that the group is losing its humanity.
5:02 PMThe Walking Dead - Better Angels: Someone dangerous may be loose near the farm; Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn keep the group safe.
6:02 PMThe Walking Dead - Beside the Dying Fire: Rick and Carl find the farm in jeopardy; the group is split up in the chaos.
7:04 PMThe Walking Dead - Seed: The world grows more dangerous and Lori's pregnancy advances.
8:04 PMThe Walking Dead - Sick: A life hangs in the balance; the group deals with a threat to their new surroundings.
9:06 PMThe Walking Dead - Walk With Me: Andrea and Michonne find a new community of survivors; a decision must be made.
10:07 PMThe Walking Dead - Killer Within: The group becomes severed, putting lives in jeopardy; Merle makes a request of the Governor.
11:10 PMThe Walking Dead - Say the Word: Rick struggles after another loss; Michonne grows more suspicious of the Governor.
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