23 March 2017

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10:00 PM2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament - Xavier vs. Arizona  : Xavier seeks its third straight upset when it meets Arizona in a Sweet 16 matchup.
12:30 AMInside March Madness
1:00 AMConan - Matt LeBlanc; Anthony Bourdain; Dana Gould: Actor Matt LeBlanc; chef Anthony Bourdain; comic Dana Gould.
2:00 AMSeinfeld - The Watch: Jerry tries to buy back a discarded watch, a gift from his parents.
2:30 AMConan - Matt LeBlanc; Anthony Bourdain; Dana Gould: Actor Matt LeBlanc; chef Anthony Bourdain; comic Dana Gould.
3:30 AMNew Girl - Wig: Schmidt and Cece take action when Nick's attraction to Reagan impacts their relationship.
4:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Dial `B' for Virgin: Bud makes a house call when a woman dials his hotline for virgins on the verge of giving in.
4:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Sleepless in Chicago: Jefferson's scheme to retrieve a valuable doll has Al spending the night with Marcy.
5:00 AMMarried ... With Children - No Pot to Pease In: The Bundys protest a new unauthorized sitcom based on their lives.
5:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Dud Bowl: Al runs into football players from his old rival high school and accuses them of cheating.
6:00 AMMarried ... With Children - A Man for No Seasons: Al forms a baseball league and the team sponsored by the nudie bar makes it to the championship.
6:30 AMMarried ... With Children - The Naked and the Dead, but Mostly the Naked: The women decide to escort Al and his buddies to the nudie bar they frequent.
7:00 AMMarried ... With Children - I Want My Psycho Dad: When a show is canceled for violence, Al pickets the station.
7:30 AMMarried ... With Children - I Want My Psycho Dad: Al and the gang drive to Washington, D.C., hoping to save their favorite show, ``Psycho Dad.''
8:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Kelly Takes a Shot: To win an acting role, Kelly must shoot an apple off Bud's head with a bow and arrow.
8:30 AMMarried ... With Children - Something Larry This Way Comes: Al must participate in Kelly's screen test after her acting instructor gets decked by his boss.
9:00 AMMarried ... With Children - Get the Dodge Out of Hell: A hidden item of Al's is lost when the family Dodge doesn't make it out of the car wash.
9:30 AMThe King of Queens - Art House: Arthur gets his own apartment after Doug's patience wears too thin.
10:00 AMThe King of Queens - Vocal Discord: Carrie and Doug decide marriage counseling is in order and turn to their neighbor for help.
10:30 AMThe King of Queens - Like Hell: Doug learns he was the only person not invited to a barbecue.
11:00 AMThe King of Queens - Consummate Professional: Carrie learns that in the beginning of their relationship Doug lied to her about getting a job.
11:30 AMThe Cleveland Show - Like a Boss: Tim becomes consumed with power after accepting a management position at Waterman Cable.
12:00 PMThe Cleveland Show - A Short Story and a Tall Tale: Donna and Cleveland score court-side seats to an all-star basketball game; Rallo makes a new friend.
12:30 PMAmerican Dad - G-String Circus: Upset when Hayley no longer wants his advice, Stan decides to prove that she is missing out.
1:00 PMAmerican Dad - Rapture's Delight: Stan is furious when he cannot get a good seat at church; Francine tries to ease his frustration.
1:30 PMAmerican Dad - Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth: Francine wants Stan to get rid of his gas-guzzling SUV; Steve tries to help an old friend.
2:00 PMAmerican Dad - A Jones for a Smith: Stan changes his opinion on social programs after he develops an addiction.
2:30 PMAmerican Dad - May the Best Stan Win: Stan gives Francine ``love coupons''; Roger helps Steve and his friends remake a 1980s movie.
3:00 PMNew Girl - Par 5: Fawn takes Jess to a charity golf tournament; Winston lies about being a cop.
3:30 PMNew Girl - Panty Gate: Schmidt sacrifices himself to help Fawn out of a scandal; Jess dubs herself a love doctor.
4:00 PMFriends - The One Where Emma Cries: Joey seeks forgiveness from Ross, while Rachel tries to quell Emma's incessant crying.
4:30 PMFriends - The One With the Pediatrician: Emma's pediatrician drops her as a patient because of Rachel's constant calls.
5:00 PMFriends - The One With the Sharks: Monica fears Chandler has a sexual fetish involving sharks; Phoebe fears losing her boyfriend.
5:30 PMFriends - The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner: Famished Phoebe waits for tardy friends to arrive at her birthday dinner.
6:00 PMNCAA Tip-Off: Coverage and analysis of the 2017 NCAA Tournament.
7:15 PM2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament - South Carolina vs. Baylor  : Johnathan Motley and Baylor collide with Sindarius Thornwell and South Carolina in the Sweet 16.
9:45 PM2017 NCAA Basketball Tournament - Wisconsin vs. Florida  : Fourth-seeded Florida faces Villanova-killer Wisconsin in the Sweet 16.
12:30 AMLocal Programming