24 July 2016

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10:00 PMThe Entertainer: British song-and-dance man Archie knows he's a failure, and so does his alcoholic wife.
12:00 AMThe Mark: A psychiatrist and a widow help a paroled sex offender re-enter society.
2:15 AMThe Street Fighter: The karate hero negates a rapist, pokes eyes, kicks villains on an oil tanker.
4:00 AMReturn of the Street Fighter: A martial artist battles mobsters and an old nemesis out for revenge.
5:30 AMWhen You Grow Up: Youths learn about the world of work and how to choose a rewarding career.
6:00 AMThe Story of Seabiscuit: An Irish trainer and his niece come to America and turn a lowly racehorse into a champion.
8:00 AMThe White Cliffs of Dover: An aristocrat's American wife raises a son between the World Wars.
10:15 AMMurder Ahoy!: Poisoned snuff leads Agatha Christie's sleuth Miss Marple to a cadet-training ship and a killer.
12:00 PMHail the Conquering Hero: Home on a medical discharge for hay fever, a would-be Marine gets a hero's welcome.
2:00 PMPalm Springs Weekend: A medical student and a Hollywood high-school girl join spring-break fun in the California resort.
4:00 PMThe Mating Game: An Internal Revenue Service agent audits an evasive farmer and woos his elusive daughter.
6:00 PMThe Goodbye Girl: A divorced dancer and her daughter must room with an off-off-Broadway actor.
8:00 PMBirthright: A black Harvard graduate faces opposition when he tries to start a school in his hometown.
9:30 PMTen Nights in a Barroom: Alcohol abuse leads to a man's personal and professional degradation.
10:45 PMRev. S.S. Jones Home Movies: A collection of shorts from 1924 to 1926.
11:10 PMWe Work Again
11:30 PMVeiled Aristocrats: A black lawyer who can pass for white returns home.
12:30 AMLocal Programming