26 February 2017

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11:45 PMThirty Seconds Over Tokyo: Lt. Col. James Doolittle leads B-25s off the USS Hornet's deck on a 1942 mission to bomb Japan.
2:15 AMA Thousand Clowns: Social workers deem an ex-TV writer unfit to raise his nephew.
4:15 AMThousands Cheer: Colonel's daughter loves private, puts on Army show.
6:45 AMThree Comrades: A World War I veteran and his two partners love a doomed woman in 1920s Germany.
8:30 AMThree Little Words: Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby team up to write ``Thinking of You'' and other songs of the 1920s.
10:15 AMThe Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan and his swordsmen pals foil a royal plot. Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas.
12:30 PMThrough a Glass Darkly: Released from a mental institution, a woman spurns her husband and seduces her teenage brother.
2:15 PMThe Time Machine: H.G. Wells' Victorian traveler visits three world wars and the year 802701.
4:15 PMThe Time, the Place and the Girl: Two guys try to put on a show despite opposition from an opera star.
6:15 PMT-Men: Two U.S. Treasury agents pose as mobsters to bust a counterfeiting ring.
8:00 PMTo Be or Not to Be: Husband-and-wife troupers must act fast to fool Nazis in Poland.
10:00 PMTo Each His Own: An unwed mother prospers and secretly follows her son to manhood.