1 July 2015

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10:00 PMBlended: Two antagonistic single parents and their children are stuck sharing a suite together at a resort.
12:00 AMCo-Ed Confidential 3: Spring Break - Got Balls: Zack and Stacey put an artistic spin on lovemaking; Royce and Dick face off for Jenny's affections.
12:30 AMCo-Ed Confidential 3: Spring Break - Blast From the Past: Karen tries to push Brody to leave her; James' brother returns to town and wants to see Layla.
1:00 AMThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty: A man escapes his monotonous life by inhabiting a world of exciting daydreams.
3:00 AMRed State: An unhinged preacher and his flock summarily execute homosexuals and lusty teenagers.
4:30 AMMy Summer of Love: A rebellious girl's affair with a worldly temptress troubles her born-again Christian brother.
6:00 AMThe Pink Panther: Clumsy Inspector Jacques Clouseau chases a jewel thief and his nephew.
8:00 AMV for Vendetta: A vigilante known as V uses terrorist tactics to fight the totalitarian state in which he lives.
10:15 AMCharlie St. Cloud: A young man has trouble letting go of the past in the wake of a terrible accident.
11:55 AMThe Player: Real-life movie stars fringe the satire of a Hollywood studio executive who gets away with murder.
2:00 PMDouble Jeopardy: Jailed for her husband's murder, a woman learns he lives.
3:50 PMEverybody's All-American: Life goes downhill for a 1950s Sugar Bowl star and his Magnolia Queen wife.
6:00 PMNon-Stop: A federal air marshal contends with a dire threat aboard a passenger plane.
7:50 PMHer: A heartbroken writer develops a loving bond with his computer's operating system.
10:00 PMWish I Was Here: A struggling actor faces financial and emotional turmoil in the face of his father's imminent death.
11:50 PMStacked Racks From Mars: Two sexy extraterrestrials take over the bodies of two beautiful housewives.