7 July 2015

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11:30 PMThe Red Shoes: A ballerina loves a ballet composer but dances for an obsessive impresario.
2:00 AMThis Happy Breed: An adaptation of Noel Coward's play shows a British family at home between world wars.
4:00 AMMeet Me in St. Louis: A St. Louis lawyer's family stays in town for the 1904 World's Fair.
6:00 AMThe Yearling: A pet deer changes a boy and his parents, pioneering farmers in Florida after the Civil War.
8:15 AMDuel in the Sun: Good and bad sons of a Texas cattle baron fight each other, and the railroad, over a dark beauty.
10:45 AMHeaven Can Wait: Satan reviews a Gay '90s New York playboy's life to see if he deserves to go below.
12:45 PMThe River: An English girl grows up at her family's jute mill on the banks of the Ganges in Bengal.
2:30 PMSingin' in the Rain: A silent-film star loves a chorus girl.
4:15 PMThe Band Wagon: Two playwrights bring a movie dancer to New York for a Broadway show with a ballerina.
6:15 PMGentlemen Prefer Blondes: Two chorus girls cruise to Paris hoping to find rich husbands.
8:00 PMShe Wore a Yellow Ribbon: A cavalry captain completes one last mission in the heart of Indian territory.
10:00 PMNorth by Northwest: A foreign spy chases a hapless New Yorker cross country.
12:30 AMLocal Programming