1 August 2015

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10:00 PMHeaven Can Wait: Satan reviews a Gay '90s New York playboy's life to see if he deserves to go below.
12:00 AMAdvise and Consent: Senators fight dirty over confirming the president's choice for secretary of state.
2:30 AMClose to My Heart: A childless couple take steps to adopt a foundling being held at police headquarters.
4:15 AMToys in the Attic: Two New Orleans sisters meddle with their brother and his child bride.
6:00 AMAlibi Ike: Gamblers kidnap a hot Chicago Cubs pitcher full of zany excuses. From a Ring Lardner story.
7:15 AMMy Love Came Back: A New York student violinist falls in love with her anonymous benefactor's business manager.
8:45 AMIt's Love I'm After: An infatuated debutante renews a Shakespearean actor's running feud with his leading lady.
10:30 AMThe Great Garrick: French actors stage a hoax to deflate the ego of the famed 18th-century British actor.
12:15 PMThe Male Animal: A Midwestern professor fights for his wife and academic freedom on the eve of a big football game.
2:15 PMPrincess O'Rourke: A down-to-earth pilot charms a European princess on vacation in the United States.
4:00 PMThe Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex: Matronly Elizabeth I loves the dashing Earl of Essex, but politics come first.
6:00 PMIn This Our Life: A wretched woman runs off with her sister's husband, for starters.
8:00 PMThe Adventures of Robin Hood: The Sherwood Forest outlaw saves King Richard, Maid Marian.
10:00 PMThe Proud Rebel: An Illinois widow helps a Southern widower traveling with his dog and mute son after the Civil War.
12:00 AMLocal Programming