24 October 2014

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11:30 PMRidiculousness - Danny Way  : Skateboarder Danny Way; ``Tug Buddies''; ``Landmarked''; ``Chatter Gas.''
12:00 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XI  : Sterling and Chanel; ``Locked In''; ``Active Girth''; ``End of Days.''
12:30 AMRidiculousness - Lacey Chabert  : Lacey Chabert; ``Last Minute Adventures''; ``Tender Moments''; ``Acting Sexy.''
1:00 AMRidiculousness - David Spade  : David Spade; ``Stunt Butts''; ``Joe Dirts''; ``Buh-Bye.''
1:30 AMRidiculousness - Jamie Lee  : Jamie Lee; ``Girl Code''; ``Drunk Sluts''; ``Bad With Kids.''
2:00 AMAre You the One? - Virgin Tears  : Shelby ends her love triangle; John tries to move in on Christina, but gets blocked by Brandon.
3:00 AMClubland: Music videos, news and exclusive content.
4:00 AMMusic Feed: Music news and celebrities.
5:00 AMMusic Feed: Music news and celebrities.
6:00 AMGirl Code: Tricks and treats of Halloween; popping pimples; virginity; Halloween makeup; fan questions.
6:30 AMGirl Code: Boyfriends' exes; astrology; babies; wet hair; inability to move on from a bad relationship.
7:00 AMGirl Code - Strength  : Strength; the use of certain words; being emotional; toughness; stunt school.
7:30 AMGirl Code: New relationships; getting dressed; brothers; getting over an ex; ``Best Friend in My Head.''
8:00 AMGirl Code: Experimentation; playing sports; fathers; being crazy; ending a first date.
8:30 AMGirl Code: Ex-boyfriends; gossip; sexually transmitted diseases; hosting a party.
9:00 AMMy Wife and Kids - Open Your Heart: Jay insists that Michael attend a couples seminar; Jr. and his friends try to make some money.
9:30 AMMy Wife and Kids - Michael's Tribe: While supervising Kady's sleepover, Michael tries to keep Claire from sneaking out to a rave.
10:00 AMMy Wife and Kids - Blackout: Michael finally gets the house to himself when a blackout occurs.
10:30 AMMy Wife and Kids - Man of the Year: Michael is disheartened when he does not win the Small Businessman of the Year award.
11:00 AMGeorge Lopez - George Has Two Mommies: When George runs into financial trouble, Benny reaches out to his estranged father's second wife.
11:34 AMGeorge Lopez - Long Time No See: George finally decides to approach his estranged father, leading into a family vacation.
12:08 PMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Hilary Gets a Job: Hilary gets a job as an on-camera weather forecaster for a local TV station.
12:41 PMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Mama's Baby, Carlton's Maybe: Carlton's former girlfriend shows up claiming he is the father of her baby.
1:14 PMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - P.S. I Love You: Will can't resist accepting money and luxury gifts from a young woman.
1:48 PMThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Here Comes the Judge: Will gets arrested for numerous parking tickets as Phil runs for judge.
2:21 PMAwkward. - Bonfire of the Vanities: Things get crazy at the senior bonfire; Jenna and Tamara announce the boys' girl-rating tradition.
2:55 PMAwkward. - Hashtag Drama: The battle of the sexes erupts again; Tamara and Jenna's ``Dude Database'' goes viral.
3:28 PMFaking It - Present Tense  : Amy plans a scavenger hunt; Liam, Shane, Theo and Lauren attend a mixed martial arts class.
4:00 PMBuckwild - F' the Neighborhood  : Anna, Katie and Cara throw a party in response to recent noise complaints; the gang goes muddin'.
4:30 PMBuckwild - Dump Truck Pool Party  : Tyler and Cara's romance causes strife among the roommates.
5:00 PMBuckwild - Sexts, Lies & Chicken Wings  : The gang builds a waterslide; Shae must choose between her friends and boyfriend.
5:30 PMBuckwild - Paint the Town Hyperglow  : Cara invites everyone to a hyperglow party; Tyler hits it off with a girl with a boyfriend.
6:00 PMBuckwild - Double Trouble  : Shae confronts Jesse J over another cheating scandal; an unwanted guest pushes Tyler to the limit.
6:30 PMBuckwild - Birthday Wishes Can Come True  : Joey and Shae's relationship heats up; Tyler and Joey's lawn mowing business doesn't go well.
7:00 PMBuckwild - Raging Bulls  : Ashley gets the gang to compete in a bull-riding competition.
7:30 PMBuckwild - It's Not a Date  : Joey is pressured into taking Shae out on a date; Shain has to lay his favorite truck to rest.
8:00 PMBuckwild - Pitching a Tent  : The guys take the girls camping.
8:30 PMBuckwild - Ghosts in the Holler  : Cara's ex-girlfriend visits; Shain hatches a plan to become a millionaire; ghosts in the Holler.
9:00 PMBuckwild - Fast & the Curious  : Katie introduces Tyler to her mother; Ashly interferes in a relationship.
9:30 PMBuckwild - Ramped Up  : Katie introduces Tyler to her mother; Ashly interferes in a relationship.
10:00 PMJeepers Creepers 2: A winged creature terrorizes stranded high schoolers.
12:00 AMLocal Programming