25 July 2017

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11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Wild Cards: Doug loses all his money when he goes to Atlantic City with Deacon.
12:00 AMThe King of Queens - Surprise Artie: Carrie's surprise birthday party for Arthur is ruined when Doug loses the guest of honor.
12:30 AMThe King of Queens - Big Dougie: Big Brother Doug tries anything to impress his new protege, including entering a 10K run.
1:00 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - Recovering Pessimist: Debra persuades Ray to be optimistic, but he struggles as the only upbeat person in the family.
1:30 AMEverybody Loves Raymond - The Dog: Robert and Ray fight over a stray bulldog similar to the one Ray was forced to give up as a child.
2:00 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Nuts: Teaching Christine to follow through rather than quit when things get too hard.
2:38 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Love Means Never Having to Say You're Crazy: Christine sets Richard up with a beautiful woman who works out at her gym.
3:16 AMRoseanne - Sisters: D.J.'s bizarre behavior leads to clashes between Roseanne and Jackie, and Darlene and Becky.
3:54 AMRoseanne - Lost Youth: Roseanne uses David's attraction to a waitress to get the diner painted.
4:27 AMRoseanne - Single Married Female: Dan is burdened with the knowledge that Jackie is going dancing with a man other than Fred.
5:00 AMHow I Met Your Mother - Unpause: Robin and Ted try to get Barney to reveal secrets; Marshall tries to avoid fighting with Lily.
5:30 AMHow I Met Your Mother - How Your Mother Met Me: The mother reveals how she met Ted and what she has been doing over the past eight years.
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9:00 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - Opie Steps Up in Class: Andy sends Opie to an exclusive camp for boys, where he makes a wealthy friend.
9:37 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - Howard's Main Event: Millie's former boyfriend threatens to beat up Howard if the two don't break up.
10:14 AMThe Andy Griffith Show - Aunt Bee the Juror: Aunt Bee, summoned for jury duty, disagrees with fellow jurors on her first case.
10:51 AMBonanza - Old Friends: Two old friends, a sheriff turned bounty hunter and an escaped criminal, pull at Ben's loyalties.
12:00 PMGunsmoke - Like Old Times: A reformed criminal (Nehemiah Persoff) meets with his former sweetheart (Gloria DeHaven).
1:00 PMGunsmoke - The Town Tamers: Matt and another marshal are ordered to restore peace and order in a lawless town.
2:00 PMGunsmoke - Cowtown Hustler: A high-stakes match gives an aging, down-and-out pool player the chance to regain his self-respect.
3:00 PMGunsmoke - The Foundling: A homeless baby triggers maternal instincts in two women, one of whom is Kitty.
4:00 PMThe Andy Griffith Show - Opie's Fortune: Opie almost gains $50 when he finds a stuffed wallet with no identification.
4:30 PMThe Andy Griffith Show - Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor: Andy goes to Raleigh for a job interview, and Barney takes over in Mayberry.
5:00 PMThe Andy Griffith Show - The Pageant: Aunt Bee wants the starring role in the Mayberry Centennial Pageant.
5:30 PMThe Andy Griffith Show - The Darling Baby: Opie is the unwilling principal in a betrothal to Charlene Darling's new baby.
6:00 PMM*A*S*H - The Chosen People: A dispossessed Korean family and a girl with a GI baby cause problems for the 4077th.
6:30 PMM*A*S*H - As You Were: Everyone tries to keep busy during a short-lived lull.
7:00 PMM*A*S*H - Crisis: Shortages abound when the camp's supply line is cut.
7:36 PMM*A*S*H - George: Frank wants a homosexual soldier dishonorably discharged.
8:12 PMM*A*S*H - Mail Call: After the mail comes, Trapper makes plans to desert, and Frank rearranges his stock portfolio.
8:48 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Neighbors: When Ray's parents bother everyone with their meddling, the neighbors turn to him to make them stop.
9:24 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Fascinatin' Debra: When a radio psychologist (Mary Kay Adams) visits, Debra feels dull compared to the other Barones.
10:00 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Why Are We Here?: Debra and Ray wonder why they ever moved across the street from his overbearing parents.
10:30 PMEverybody Loves Raymond - Ray's on TV: Ray's family lies to him about his guest appearance on a TV sports show.
11:00 PMThe King of Queens - Surprise Artie: Carrie's surprise birthday party for Arthur is ruined when Doug loses the guest of honor.
11:30 PMThe King of Queens - Big Dougie: Big Brother Doug tries anything to impress his new protege, including entering a 10K run.
12:00 AMLocal Programming