22 February 2017

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11:38 PMKenan & Kel - Doing Things the Hemingway: Getting Brianna's attention tops Kenan's list of goals.
12:10 AMHey Arnold! - Phoebe Takes the Fall; The Pig War: Phoebe agrees to let Helga win an academic competition; Arnold's pig stars in a battle re-enactment.
12:40 AMHey Arnold! - It Girl; Deconstructing Arnold: Helga becomes a fashion star; the gang stops listening to Arnold's advice.
1:11 AMHey Arnold! - Sid the Vampire Slayer; Big Sis: A movie spooks Sid; Olga is jealous of Lila.
1:42 AMHey Arnold! - Ghost Bride; Gerald vs. Jamie O.: The gang gets a scare visiting a cemetery at night; Gerald's crush likes his older brother.
2:12 AMRugrats - A Baby Sale; Steve: The babies think they're being sold; the Rugrats build a snowbaby.
2:42 AMRugrats - Man of the House; A Whole New Stu: Tommy tries to follow his father's example; Charlotte goes on a spa weekend.
3:00 AMCatDog - Send in the CatDog; Fetch; Fishing for Trouble: Dog drags Cat to Clown College; Cat wins a radio contest; Dog wins a goldfish at the county fair.
3:30 AMCatDog - Shriek on Ice; No Thanks for the Memories: Shriek decides to quit the Greasers to become an ice skater; Dog gets amnesia.
4:00 AMRocko's Modern Life - Ed Good, Rocko Bad; Tee'd Off: Rocko runs for dogcatcher; Heffer works at a golf course.
4:30 AMRocko's Modern Life - Wacky Delly: A famous animator lets Rocko, Heffer and Filburt run his series.
5:00 AMHey Arnold! - Ransom; Ms. Perfect: Timberly's doll is missing; Helga's new classmate.
5:30 AMHey Arnold! - Operation: Ruthless; The Vacant Lot: Helga ruins Arnold's romantic efforts; adults appropriate a vacant lot.
6:00 AMNacho Libre: To raise money for an orphanage, a Mexican cook named Ignacio moonlights as a professional wrestler.
8:00 AMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Kids  : Ray and Michelle switch roles and attempt to parent the other person's children.
8:30 AMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Doll  : Louie fumbles his attempt to possess a stuffed animal and winds up landing in a nurse doll.
9:00 AMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Dog  : Miles gets Taylor a ghost dog for her birthday.
9:30 AMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Family  : The ghost council forces the Prestons to make a decision about haunting the Hathaways.
10:00 AMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Babysitter  : Michelle leaves Miles in charge of babysitting Louie and Frankie.
10:30 AMThe Haunted Hathaways - Haunted Bakery  : The children must work together to retrieve Michelle's secret recipe book.
11:00 AMiCarly - iMust Have Locker 239: Sam and Freddie are forced to share the same locker after winning a contest at school.
11:30 AMiCarly - iNevel: Carly refuses to date the boy who runs the site that rates webcasts.
12:00 PMiCarly - iHatch Chicks: Carly and Sam decide to hatch chicks for a science project.
12:30 PMiCarly - iFence: Spencer gets Freddie involved in a fencing match; Carly must plan a dinner for some relatives.
1:00 PMiCarly - iWanna Stay With Spencer: Carly's grandfather thinks Spencer is too irresponsible to be her guardian.
1:30 PMiCarly - iPie: Carly, Sam and Spencer learn that the proprietor of their favorite pie shop has passed away.
2:00 PMiCarly - iGive Away a Car: The iCarly gang runs a contest for a new car after a local dealership donates the prize.
2:30 PMiCarly - iMight Switch Schools: Carly is offered a full scholarship to an elite private school.
3:00 PMiCarly - iHurt Lewbert: The gang tries to nurse Lewbert back to health; Spencer angers truckers.
3:30 PMiCarly - iWin a Date: The gang tries to help a shy friend get a date by making him a contestant.
4:00 PMSwindle: With help from classmates, a teen pursues a con man who duped him out of a valuable baseball card.
6:00 PMSam & Cat - MyPoober  : Sam and Cat are tasked with getting a child to give up her ratty, old stuffed animal.
6:30 PMSam & Cat - MadAboutShoe  : Sam eats all of the meatballs that Cat has prepared for a special Moon Dinner.
7:00 PMSam & Cat - YayDay  : Cat invents a holiday so she can buy gifts; Cat snoops to find out what other people's gifts are.
7:30 PMSam & Cat - Lumpatious  : Sam and Cat try to get the word ``lumpatious'' into the dictionary after making a bet.
8:00 PMSam & Cat - MommaGoomer  : Dice tries to convince Goomer's mother that Goomer is a high school teacher.
8:30 PMSam & Cat - BabysittingCommercial  : Sam and Cat make a commercial for their business that features Dice's dog.
9:00 PMBoy Meets World - The Thrilla' in Phila: Cory joins the wrestling team, thinking he will never actually have to compete.
9:30 PMBoy Meets World - My Best Friend's Girl: Cory finds out that Shawn has asked Topanga out to a movie sponsored by the school.
10:00 PMRugrats - Angelica's Worst Nightmare; The Mega Diaper Babies: Angelica's mother is having a baby; the babies imagine they are superheroes.
10:33 PMRugrats - Chuckie Loses His Glasses; Chuckie Gets Skunked: Without glasses, the world looks weird to Chuckie; Chuckie gets sprayed by a skunk.
11:05 PMRugrats - Mommy's Little Assets; Chuckie's Wonderful Life: Angelica and Tommy go to work with Charlotte; Chuckie's guardian angel visits.
11:37 PMRugrats - A Tale of Two Puppies; Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams: Spike and Fifi's puppies are up for adoption; the babies embark on an adventure fantasy.
11:59 PMRocko's Modern Life - Zanzibar; Fatal Contraption: The city dump is full; Rocko buys a lonely food-processor.