19 August 2017

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10:05 PMBlue Crush: A maid falls for an NFL quarterback while preparing for an upcoming surfing competition in Hawaii.
12:00 AMDangerous Minds: Teacher seeks to inspire urban delinquents.
1:40 AMBangkok Dangerous: On assignment in Thailand, a hit man, instead, mentors a street punk and woos a local shop girl.
3:30 AMThe American: An assassin hides out in a picturesque Italian town after an assignment ends badly.
5:15 AMSeparated: A wind-up robot embarks on a journey to save his better half.
5:30 AMBeaches: Two women from different backgrounds are best friends through girlhood, careers and tragedy.
7:35 AMBurnt: The temperamental chef of a London restaurant demands perfection from his staff.
9:30 AMThe Cookout: An athlete's mother has a wild barbecue at his mansion.
11:00 AMEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: A doctor's invention allows a couple to erase the memories of their tumultuous relationship.
1:00 PMRampart: A veteran cop asserts his own code of justice on the streets.
3:00 PMThe Gift: A horrifying secret emerges when a married couple encounter an acquaintance from the man's past.
5:00 PMThe Ex: A chronic underachiever locks horns with his wife's former sweetheart.
6:30 PMBridge of Spies: Lawyer James Donovan tries to negotiate a prisoner exchange for captured pilot Francis Gary Powers.
9:00 PMAttack of the Lederhosen Zombies: Three young snowboarders battle a horde of zombies and mutant wildlife in the Austrian Alps.
10:30 PMBloodsucking Bastards: An office worker springs into action after learning that his colleague is a scheming vampire.
12:00 AMLocal Programming