20 September 2014

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9:45 PMNetwork: A TV executive boosts her ratings with a mad anchorman who thinks he speaks for God.
12:00 AMFive Star Final: The editor of a scandal sheet digs up an old murder case, with tragic results.
2:00 AMMultiple Sidosis
2:10 AMThe Sid Saga
2:42 AMThe Sid Saga
3:14 AMThe Sid Saga
3:45 AMA Well Spent Life: A tribute to the Texas musical performer Mance Lipscomb.
4:30 AMHot Pepper: The life and work of Zydeco artist Clifton Chenier.
5:30 AMDistant Drummer: Flowers of Darkness: The history of opium.
6:00 AMAll This and Heaven Too: A French duke finds his life embroiled in scandal following the arrival of a new governess.
8:30 AMThe Whole Town's Talking: A bookkeeper learns he looks just like a gangster whom police plan to shoot on sight.
10:30 AMTrouble in Paradise: A suave thief and his chic partner target a rich Paris widow.
12:00 PMMrs. Miniver: An Englishwoman leads her husband and family through World War II.
2:30 PMKim: An Irish orphan roams 1880s India with a Tibetan priest and a horse thief spying for the British.
4:30 PMThe Black Swan: As governor of Jamaica, buccaneer Henry Morgan sends a swashbuckler to capture renegade pirates.
6:15 PMThe 7th Voyage of Sinbad: Sinbad the sailor needs the egg of a giant two-headed bird of prey to restore a shrunken princess.
8:00 PMNeptune's Daughter: A swimwear designer's sister mistakes a madcap masseur for the captain of a polo team.
10:00 PMZiegfeld Follies: Showman Flo Ziegfeld looks down from heaven on a dream revue including Gene Kelly and Lucille Ball.
12:00 AMLocal Programming