1 September 2014

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10:00 PM2014 MTV Video Music Awards: From the Forum in Inglewood, Calif.; performers include Beyonc, Usher, Nicki Minaj and Maroon 5.
12:00 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XI  : Sterling and Chanel; ``Locked In''; ``Active Girth''; ``End of Days.''
12:30 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling VII  : Sterling and Chanel; ``British Dads''; ``Wet Dumps''; ``Free Biking.''
1:00 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling III  : ``M.I.L.S.''; ``Early Graves''; ``Russian Good Times.''
1:30 AMRidiculousness - Ryan Sheckler  : Ryan Sheckler; sibling rivalries; ``Bro Beef''; ``Skateboard Missiles.''
2:00 AMRidiculousness - David Arquette  : David Arquette; ``Ready to Rumble''; ``Power Logs''; ``Bounced.''
2:30 AMRidiculousness - Ryan O'Malley  : ``Redneck Good Times''; ``Nutflix''; ``Double Whammies''; pogo sticker Ryan O'Malley.
3:00 AMRidiculousness - Ken Block  : Ken Block; ``Gymkhanabe''; ``Death Dodger.''
3:30 AMRidiculousness - Biker Fox  : Caite Upton; ``S... Whips''; ``Redneck Good Times''; ``De-Faced''; Biker Fox in ``Biker Down.''
4:00 AMRidiculousness - Fantasy Factory  : Drama, Big Black and the Fantasy Factory crew; ``Miracle Shots''; ``Gassed Up.''
4:30 AMRidiculousness - Wee Man and Preston  : Jackass veterans Wee Man and Preston watch imitators try to recreate ``Human Bowling.''
5:00 AMRidiculousness - Carmen Electra  : Carmen Electra; ``Screamers''; ``Sexercise.''
5:30 AMRidiculousness - Matt Schlager  : Caite Upton; the magic of Man-kinis; ``Dodging Bullets''; Matt Schlager.
6:00 AMRidiculousness - TJ Lavin  : TJ Lavin; ``Flintstoning''; ``Shirtless Manplay''; ``Animal Prodigies.''
6:30 AMRidiculousness - Riff Raff  : Riff Raff; ``Brain Freeze''; ``Middle of the Mall S...''
7:00 AMRidiculousness - Ken Block  : Ken Block; ``Gymkhanabe''; ``Death Dodger.''
7:30 AMRidiculousness - Eddie Huang  : Eddie Huang; ``Hot Trash''; ``Fresh Off the Boat''; bad drivers.
8:00 AMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling IV  : Sterling and Chanel; ``Man Squirrels''; ``Collateral Damage.''
8:30 AMRidiculousness - Jackson Nicoll  : Jackson Nicoll helps break down outrageous viral videos.
9:00 AMRidiculousness - Maria Menounos  : Maria Menounos; ``Signature Laughs''; ``Instant Abs''; ``Stinkface.''
9:30 AMRidiculousness - Eddie Barbanell  : Actor Eddie Barbanell; ``Humanimals''; ``Mancing.''
10:00 AMRidiculousness - Derek Hough  : Derek Hough; ``Future of Dance''; ``Garbage Feet''; ``Knock Yourself Out.''
10:30 AMRidiculousness - Mac Miller  : Mac Miller; ``Hairy Lovestein''; ``Leap of Faith.''
11:00 AMRidiculousness - Harley Morenstein  : Harley Morenstein; ``Epic Meal Crimes''; ``Human Bacon''; ``Balthazars.''
11:30 AMRidiculousness - Larry King  : Larry King; ``Great Questions''; ``Flash Frozen''; ``So Sexy It Hurts.''
12:00 PMRidiculousness - Chanel and Sterling XII  : Sterling and Chanel; ``CrashFit''; ``Mom Damage''; ``Baby Bosses.''
12:30 PMMeet the Fockers: Future in-laws clash in Florida.
3:00 PM13 Going on 30: An uncool girl magically becomes a successful adult.
5:00 PMWhite Chicks: Two male FBI agents pose as female socialites to foil a kidnapping plot and save their jobs.
7:00 PMHarold & Kumar Go to White Castle: After smoking marijuana, two roommates scour New Jersey to satisfy their hunger for hamburgers.
9:00 PMTeen Wolf - Monstrous: Scott and Kira must protect Satomi's pack from assassins; Stiles and Malia learn the origins.
10:00 PMTeen Wolf - A Promise to the Dead: Scott, along with the rest of the pack, undertakes a treacherous battle against an old enemy.
11:01 PMWolf Watch: Shelley Hennig, Price Peterson and Cassie Steele discuss ``A Promise to the Dead'' (episode 411).
11:32 PMHarold & Kumar Go to White Castle: After smoking marijuana, two roommates scour New Jersey to satisfy their hunger for hamburgers.