1 February 2015

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11:30 PMTopless Prophet - Meet the Topless Prophet  : A look at the characters and dynamics that make up Alan Marcovitz's strip club empire.
12:00 AMTopless Prophet - The World According to Kenny  : Kenny Kory, an agent for exotic dancers, recruits two young prospects from the Pontiac party scene.
12:30 AMPrisoners: A desperate father takes the law into his own hands after police fail to find two kidnapped girls.
3:05 AMLife on Top Feature 1: Innocence: A compilation of episodes from the series about a college graduate who moves to New York.
4:40 AMHalloween H2O: 20 Years Later: In hiding for two decades, a traumatized woman learns her murderous brother has returned for her.
6:10 AMNow You See Me: FBI and Interpol agents play a cat-and-mouse game with cunning illusionists who are thieves.
8:10 AMDeliverance: Nature and mountain men humble four Atlanta businessmen on a canoe trip in the Appalachian wilds.
10:00 AMSix Days, Seven Nights: An emergency landing strands two on an unknown island.
11:45 AMThe Interpreter: A U.N. translator overhears an assassination plot.
2:00 PMR.I.P.D.: Unusual lawmen hunt spirits who try to escape final judgment by hiding among the living.
3:45 PMFast & Furious 6: Hobbs offers Dom and his crew a full pardon if they help him nab a team of mercenary drivers.
5:55 PMLone Survivor: Navy SEALs embark on an ill-fated mission to capture or kill a notorious al-Qaeda operative.
8:00 PMBanshee - Real Life Is the Nightmare: Siobhan is torn between exposing Lucas and keeping his secret; Chayton readies his army.
9:00 PMEscape Plan: A security expert and an inmate must break out of the world's toughest prison.
11:00 PMThe Break-Up: A couple end their relationship, but neither is willing to move.