27 December 2014

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11:00 PMDoctor Who - Midnight: The Doctor is trapped, powerless and terrified, on the planet Midnight.
12:00 AMDoctor Who - Turn Left: Donna gets help from a mysterious blond woman.
1:00 AMDoctor Who - The Stolen Earth: Earth's greatest heroes assemble to fight the New Dalek Empire.
2:00 AMDoctor Who - Journey's End: The Doctor's secret army of companions join forces to battle Davros.
3:00 AMDoctor Who - The Next Doctor: The Doctor meets a strange man in Victorian England called The Doctor.
4:00 AMDoctor Who - Planet of the Dead: Lady Christina de Souza joins the Doctor on a dangerous bus trip.
5:00 AMDoctor Who - The Waters of Mars: The Doctor encounters the first human colony on Mars, Bowie Base One.
6:00 AMDoctor Who - The Eleventh Hour: The newly regenerated Doctor and Amy Pond must save the world in less than 20 minutes.
7:00 AMDoctor Who - The Beast Below: The Doctor and Amy travel to Britain of the future, where people live in a giant spaceship.
8:00 AMDoctor Who - Victory of the Daleks: The Doctor and Amy meet Winston Churchill during a trip back to World War II.
9:00 AMDoctor Who - The Time of Angels: The Doctor hunts the last of the Weeping Angels through the Maze of the Dead.
10:00 AMDoctor Who - Flesh and Stone: The Doctor and his friends are forced to escape through the forest vault.
11:00 AMDoctor Who - The Vampires of Venice: The Doctor suspects something isn't quite right the family that protects the streets of Venice.
12:00 PMDoctor Who - Amy's Choice: The Doctor returns to Amy on the night before her first child is born.
1:00 PMDoctor Who - The Hungry Earth: Scientists discover something isn't right beneath Earth's crust while drilling.
2:00 PMDoctor Who - Cold Blood: Scientists discover something isn't right beneath the Earth's crust.
3:00 PMDoctor Who - Vincent and the Doctor: Amy battles an alien in France with Vincent Van Gogh.
4:00 PMDoctor Who - The Lodger: The Doctor investigates a mysterious staircase in a building where people can go up, but never down.
5:00 PMDoctor Who - The Pandorica Opens: A message on a cliff; a puzzle box that opens from the inside; the fates draw closer for the TARDIS.
6:00 PMDoctor Who - The Big Bang: The fates draw close around the TARDIS.
7:00 PMDoctor Who - The Impossible Astronaut: The Doctor, Amy and Rory respond to a summons that leads them to the Oval Office in 1969.
8:00 PMDoctor Who - Day of the Moon: The Doctor is locked in a perfect prison; the FBI hunts Amy, Rory and River.
9:00 PMDoctor Who - The Doctor's Wife: The Doctor, Amy, Rory and the TARDIS are in danger after following a Time Lord distress signal.
10:00 PMThe Graham Norton Show: Actor Ben Stiller; actor Ricky Gervais; actress Rebel Wilson; Usher performs.
11:00 PMDoctor Who - The Rebel Flesh: The Doctor must prevent civil war when doppelgangers are liberated from their human originals.