25 December 2014

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11:40 PMDoctor Who - A Christmas Carol: In order to save Amy and Rory, The Doctor must save the soul of a lonely miser.
1:00 AMDoctor Who - The Next Doctor: The Doctor meets a strange man in Victorian England called The Doctor.
2:20 AMDoctor Who - The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe: After being evacuated to an old house in Dorset, a woman and her children encounter the Doctor.
3:40 AMDoctor Who - The Snowmen: Though saddened by the loss of his companions, the Doctor helps a young governess.
5:00 AMDoctor Who - The Christmas Invasion: Earth's population falls under the shadow of the sinister alien Sycorax.
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7:30 AMBBC World News
8:00 AMDoctor Who - Deep Breath: Investigating oddities such as spontaneous combustions and a dinosaur in the Thames.
9:45 AMDoctor Who - Into the Dalek: The Doctor comes to the rescue of a lone rebel ship that is surrounded by a Dalek fleet.
10:45 AMDoctor Who - Robot of Sherwood: The Doctor joins forces with Robin Hood to stop the reign of the Sheriff of Nottingham.
11:45 AMDoctor Who - Listen: The Doctor and Clara are inundated with ghosts from the past and the future.
12:45 PMDoctor Who - Time Heist: The Doctor attempts to break into the most dangerous bank in the Cosmos.
1:45 PMDoctor Who - The Caretaker: The Skovox Blitzer prepares to destroy all of humanity; the Doctor meets Danny Pink.
2:45 PMDoctor Who - Kill the Moon: When the Doctor and Clara crash land on the moon, they discover a mining base full of corpses.
3:45 PMDoctor Who - Mummy on the Orient Express: A deadly creature is stalking passengers on the Orient Express.
4:45 PMDoctor Who - Flatline: Clara discovers a menace from another dimension while she is separated from the Doctor.
5:45 PMDoctor Who - In the Forest of the Night: The human race wakes up one morning to discover a surprising invasion: a forest has grown.
6:45 PMDoctor Who - Dark Water: The Doctor and Missy are about to meet; an impossible choice looms; plans are drawn.
7:45 PMDoctor Who - Death in Heaven: When Cybermen invade London, old friends unite while the Doctor performs a new role.
9:00 PMDoctor Who - Last Christmas: Creatures attack The Doctor and Clara while they are trapped on an Arctic base.
10:25 PMDoctor Who - The Time of the Doctor: The Doctor makes sacrifices to save a town called Christmas.
11:45 PMDoctor Who - Last Christmas: Creatures attack The Doctor and Clara while they are trapped on an Arctic base.