30 September 2014

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11:00 PMFatal Attractions - Tigers Unleashed!: A tiger attack in Florida; a photo shoot with a tiger goes wrong in Kansas.
12:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - My Face Eating Parasite: An infection devours a traveler's face; a promising young athlete is attacked by a parasite.
1:00 AMMonsters Inside Me - Something's Eating My Son Inside Out: Parasites threaten a pregnant model, a child on summer vacation and a college freshman.
2:00 AMFatal Attractions - 200 Snakes in My Bedroom: A family lives in a trailer with 200 snakes; a man milks venomous snakes.
3:00 AMFatal Attractions - Big Cats: Stories of fatal consequences for the owners of big cats.
4:00 AMInfested! - Bedbugs, Rats and Scorpions  : A dream home becomes a battleground as a family goes to war against bedbugs.
5:00 AMThe Haunted - Terror at Maple Dale Farm: A woman and her family are terrorized by a malicious presence that wreaked havoc on their animals.
6:00 AMBlonde vs. Bear - Breaking Point  : Ann Bryant starts her summer campaign to save the black bears of Lake Tahoe.
7:00 AMBig Cat Diary - Overly-Ambitious Cheetah Cubs: Cheetah cubs are a little too ambitious; lionesses stalk and kill a zebra foal.
7:30 AMBig Cat Diary - Learning to Hunt: Out on their own, hunger compels Amber's cubs to hunt for a meal.
8:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Beware of Dog: A plea for help compels Tia to deal with an out of control pit bull.
9:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - A Fighting Chance: Tia is touched by a heartfelt adoption application from a former prisoner.
10:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Breaking Point: Tia and Jake are determined to find a unique-looking pit bull a new home.
11:00 AMPit Bulls and Parolees - Mission of Mercy: A pit bull that was tethered to a metal post for several days is rescued.
12:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Devastation: Tia and her son face to face with the chaos still in Louisiana, five years after the hurricane.
1:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Saving Tia Torres
2:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - Trial by Fire: A wildfire burns dangerously close to Villalobos, forcing her and the parolees to evacuate.
3:00 PMPit Bulls and Parolees - The Next Chapter: Tia is faced with the task of moving her family, the parolees, the kennels and the pit bulls.
4:00 PMPit Bulls & Parolees: Unchained - Judgement Day  : Tia's dream of relocating becomes a nightmare; an aggressive dog is reunited with its former owner.
5:00 PMFrozen Planet - To the Ends of the Earth: The polar regions are ice worlds inhabited by some of the most bizarre and hardy creatures on earth.
6:00 PMFrozen Planet - Life in the Freezer: Walrus and seabird egg hunting in Siberia; scientists study the world's southernmost active volcano.
7:00 PMWild Russia - Kamchatka: Wildlife thrives among the volcanos of the Kamchatka Peninsula.
8:00 PMWild Russia - Primorye: Two of the rarest big cats on Earth found in the forests of Russia.
9:00 PMWild Russia - Caucasus: The land dividing Europe and Asia has diverse landscapes and wildlife.
10:00 PMWild Russia - Siberia: The creatures that inhabit Siberia.
11:00 PMWild Russia - Primorye: Two of the rarest big cats on Earth found in the forests of Russia.
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