7 July 2015

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11:00 PMBright Eyes: A millionaire, his niece and a pilot love a little orphan who sings ``On the Good Ship Lollipop.''
12:30 AMCurly Top: A Park Avenue millionaire adopts a frisky orphan and her teenage sister.
2:00 AMPoor Little Rich Girl: A runaway rich girl poses as an orphan and joins a song-and-dance couple in vaudeville.
3:30 AMJourney for Margaret: A U.S. journalist with a childless wife meets an orphan boy and girl in World War II London.
5:00 AMFather's Son: A lawyer and his wife are divided and reunited by their mischievous son.
6:00 AMThe Toll of the Sea: An American seaman marries a Chinese girl, then deserts her. Silent.
7:00 AMThe Viking: The son of a Viking sailor weds a maiden aboard ship.
8:30 AMDoctor X: A reporter saves a mad doctor's daughter from a full-moon killer with synthetic flesh.
10:00 AMMystery of the Wax Museum: The masked curator of a wax museum turns people into statues and sees his next Marie Antoinette.
11:30 AMNothing Sacred: A New York newsman exploits a supposedly dying Vermont blonde.
1:00 PMA Star Is Born: The more famous his wife gets, the more a matinee idol drinks.
3:00 PMWings of the Morning: A Canadian horse trainer falls in love with the daughter of a Spanish Gypsy and an Irish nobleman.
4:30 PMThe Adventures of Robin Hood: The Sherwood Forest outlaw saves King Richard, Maid Marian.
6:15 PMThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Mark Twain's boy hero with Huck Finn and Becky.
8:00 PMThe Garden of Allah: A lonely socialite in Algeria meets and marries a Trappist monk who left the monastery.
9:30 PMThe Thief of Bagdad: A boy thief and a genie in a bottle help a blinded prince recover his kingdom from a grand vizier.
11:30 PMThe Red Shoes: A ballerina loves a ballet composer but dances for an obsessive impresario.