30 November 2015

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10:30 PMAparajito: A university student loses sight of his roots.
12:30 AMApur Sansar: Poor Apu acquires a wife by accident, ending the trilogy set in 1930s India.
2:30 AMSatyajit Ray, Filmmaker
5:00 AMThe Music Room: A wealthy man slowly loses his family, friends, fortune, status and sanity.
6:45 AMKeeping Company: A real-estate broker and his wife advise the eldest of their three daughters about marriage.
8:15 AMThe Flirting Widow: A young woman thinks fast when her pretend suitor, ``Col. Smith,'' pays her a visit and plays along.
9:30 AMThe Sisters: One Montana sister marries a sportswriter; another, a rich man; and the third, a banker's son.
11:15 AMFour Daughters: A music professor presides over his four daughters and their suitors, one of whom has a tragic bent.
12:45 PMPride and Prejudice: A middle-class girl and her sisters seek husbands in Georgian England.
3:00 PMSeven Sweethearts: A Michigan reporter woos the youngest of seven Dutch sisters who cannot wed until the eldest weds.
4:45 PMFiddler on the Roof: A poor Jewish milkman and his wife try to marry off their five daughters in czarist Russia.
8:00 PMMa and Pa Kettle: Pa's tobacco slogan wins him, Ma and their sizable brood a brand-new home.
9:30 PMMa and Pa Kettle Go to Town: Rural Kettles and brood meet gangsters in New York.
11:00 PMMa and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm: The Kettles move back home, where soon Pa thinks he's struck uranium.