28 June 2017

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11:30 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Spooky Noise; Upset Animals  : A spooky noise scares everyone in Toyland; the animals are upset and no one can get any sleep.
12:00 AMCaillou - Team Player Caillou: Caillou is chosen to be the conductor at school, but he hurts other people's feelings; superheroes.
12:30 AMCaillou - Surprise Caillou!: Caillou learns about butterflies; Grandma coaches Caillou's soccer team; substitute teacher.
1:00 AMThe Berenstain Bears - Bears for All Seasons: The cubs learn not to waste today.
1:30 AMThe Berenstain Bears - Go Up and Down; Big Bear, Small Bear: Papa forgets things; Brother gets his very own key.
2:00 AMThe Furchester Hotel - The Blooming; Ripe 'n' Shine 
2:30 AMThe Furchester Hotel - Walking the Dog; The Lost Jacket 
3:00 AMThe Jungle Bunch - Deep Into the Chasm; The Boulder of Fear  : A kiwi comes to the Jungle Bunch and he needs help; Elephants are bullied by a so-called ghost.
3:30 AMThe Jungle Bunch - Rubies Are Forever; The Boody Berry 
4:00 AMMaya the Bee - On With the Show; Night Flight  : Maya organizes a talent show to prove that everybody has talent.
4:30 AMMaya the Bee - King Willy; Thekla is in a State 
5:00 AMThe Doozers - Daisy Wheel On Ice; The Gingerbread House 
5:30 AMThe Doozers - Mapping Quest; Dune Buddies 
6:00 AMThe Berenstain Bears - The Hiccup Cure; Think of Those in Need: Papa gets the hiccups; the cubs decide to donate their extra toys and games.
6:30 AMThe Berenstain Bears - The Excuse Note; On the Job: Sister has a twisted ankle; what the cubs want to be when they grow up.
7:00 AMNina's World - Nina's July 4th Beach Party 
7:30 AMDot - Dance Dot Dance; What Goes Up, Must Come Down 
8:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Table Tennis; Project Magnet  : The Floogals discover table tennis.
8:30 AMCaillou - Shoo, Shoo Bird; Caillou's Road Trip; Caillou and the Dragon: Caillou and Mom make a scarecrow; the family goes on a car trip; special visitor.
9:00 AMThe Wiggles - Singing With Lachy
9:15 AMThe Wiggles - Quack Quack
9:30 AMThe Furchester Hotel - Stubborn as a Donkey; Problem Parrot 
10:00 AMTopsy and Tim - Moving House  : It's moving day and Topsy and Tim help pack their belongings into a big van.
10:15 AMTopsy and Tim - Remember When  : Topsy and Tim remember some of the wonderful, fun times they have shared in their old house.
10:30 AMTerrific Trucks - One Million Milestone; Twin Swap! 
11:00 AMThe Floogals - Project Clock; Project Roller Skates  : The Floogals mess up time while investigating clocks.
11:30 AMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Grey Coins; Missing Anchor 
12:00 PMCaillou - Growing Up Caillou: Caillou insists he can run a marathon; Caillou is appointed lookout when he goes sailing.
12:30 PMCaillou - Games to Play: Caillou and his friend pretend to be animals and go on a scavenger hunt.
1:00 PMTopsy and Tim - Itchy Heads  : On the day the parts for the nursery school play are announced, the twins worry they'll miss out.
1:15 PMTopsy and Tim - House Buyers  : Topsy and Tim and their friend, Rai, show Dad their costumes for the nursery school play.
1:30 PMTopsy and Tim - The Play  : Mommy hurt her arm and missed Topsy and Tim's nursery school play but all is not lost.
1:45 PMTopsy and Tim - Old Toys  : Mommy asks the twins to sort their old toys and give away the ones they don't use.
2:00 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Sticky Putty; Blue Wall  : Sticky putty on Clockwork Mouse's key; Fuse's workshop wall painted blue.
2:30 PMSpace Racers - A Tight Squeeze; Eyes on the Prize  : The cadets and their teachers pack a time capsule; a scavenger hunt through the solar system.
3:00 PMMaya the Bee - The Gift From Above; A Surprise From Maya 
3:30 PMThe Doozers - Pod Squad Boogey; Dancing Doodad!  : The Pod Squad creates new musical instruments; a big dance in Doozer Creek.
4:00 PMThe Wiggles - The Glass Is Half Full!
4:15 PMReady, Steady, Wiggle! - Simon Says 
4:30 PMTopsy and Tim - Moving House  : It's moving day and Topsy and Tim help pack their belongings into a big van.
4:45 PMTopsy and Tim - Remember When  : Topsy and Tim remember some of the wonderful, fun times they have shared in their old house.
5:00 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Bumpy's Burst Ball; Missing Wings 
5:30 PMThe Floogals - Project Flashlight; Project Record Player  : The Floogals make shadow puppets; the Floogals learn about records.
6:00 PMCaillou - Caillou's Discoveries: Caillou blames his sister when something goes missing; Caillou worries about his friend.
6:30 PMNina's World - Nina's Special Dress; Nina Hunts for Treasure  : Mami is making Nina a special dress for school picture day, but Nina is disappointed with it.
7:00 PMDot - Dance Dot Dance; What Goes Up, Must Come Down 
7:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - The Fan Club  : Former opponents pose as members of a fan club.
8:00 PMThe Land Before Time - The Spooky Nighttime Adventure: Ruby is convinced her story about the invisible Hidden Runner is made up.
8:30 PMThe Land Before Time - The Lone Dinosaur Returns: Littlefoot believes Doc to be the Lone Dinosaur and the kids are convinced he's there to drive.
9:00 PMThe Jungle Bunch - Desperately Seeking Bob; Saving Al and Bob  : Al and Bob fight and Bob leaves; Bob is considered a savior by the koalas.
9:30 PMThe Jungle Bunch - Jungle Eyes  : A peacock hypnotizes all of the animals to paint the jungle pink!
10:00 PMSuper Wings - Paper Rangers; Feathered Friends  : Jett brings colorful paper to Yuki in Japan; Jett delivers a camera to Sam in Papua New Guinea.
10:30 PMSpace Racers - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Galaxy; That'll Teach You 
11:00 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Empty Swapsie Wagon; Unhappy Unicorn 
11:30 PMNoddy: Toyland Detective - Sticker Mystery; Stolen Treasure 
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