18 August 2017

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11:30 PMCharlie Rose
12:30 AMTavis Smiley: Actor Jonathan Goldsmith; actress Regina King.
1:00 AMLocal Programming
1:30 AMJoseph Rosendo's Travelscope - Following the Reformation Trail in Switzerland and Germany -- Part 2  : Following the path of the Protestant Reformation; Luther500 Festival in Wittenberg, Germany.
2:00 AMHawking: Stephen Hawking's life, including his scientific discoveries and rise to fame.
3:00 AMThe Roosevelts: An Intimate History - The Common Cause (1939-1944)  : Roosevelt prepares the U.S. for World War II; Eleanor pushes to keep the New Deal reforms alive.
5:00 AMThe Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements - Into the Atom  : Harry Moseley studies the atom's internal parts; Glenn Seaborg discovers plutonium.
6:00 AMCyberchase - Spheres of Fears: Hacker traps Digit and the kids in one of the Spheres of Fears.
6:30 AMThomas & Friends - Don't Give Up: Percy is determined to save the calliope, a rusty old organ, from being melted down.
7:00 AMSesame Street - Meet Julia: Elmo and Abby play with Julia, and Alan helps Big Bird understand more about Julia's autism.
7:30 AMWild Kratts - Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy: Chris and Martin are miniaturized for an underground mission with earthworms.
8:00 AMNature Cat - Ocean Commotion  : Mr. Chewinsky's three-year anniversary is a day for celebrating Hal and his favorite chew toy.
8:30 AMCurious George - Curious George Flies a Kite; From Scratch: George flies a kite on a gusty morning; George investigates cat scratches.
9:00 AMCurious George - Curious George's Home for Pigeons; Out of Order: George helps a homing pigeon; George helps a woman with her packages.
9:30 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Friends and Feelings; Daniel's Day of Many Feelings  : Daniel pays attention to how many feelings he experiences in a day.
10:00 AMDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood - Daniel Feels Two Feelings; The Neighborhood Carnival  : While flying a kite, Daniel, Katerina and O learn that it's okay to feel two different feelings.
10:30 AMSplash and Bubbles - Golden Legs Gush; A Fish Called Mo  : Gush runs an obstacle course to prove that he is fast; Dunk's cousin Mo comes to visit.
11:00 AMSplash and Bubbles - Deflated Dunk; Kelp Forest Keepers  : Dunk vows to no longer puff up or get upset; Tidy wants to keep everything neat in the forest.
11:30 AMSesame Street - Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin: Penelope Penguin visits Sesame Street, but gets too excited when meeting new friends.
12:00 PMSesame Street - Afraid of the Bark: Elmo, Gina, Barkley and Bob help Zoe overcome her fear of dogs.
12:30 PMBob the Builder - Starting at the Bottom: Scoop hides a package from Bob; Dizzy gets locked inside a safe.
1:00 PMTavis Smiley: Actor Jonathan Goldsmith; actress Regina King.
1:30 PMCharlie Rose
2:30 PMReady Jet Go! Back to Bortron 7: Sean and Sydney join the Propulsion family for their return to their home planet -- Bortron 7.
3:30 PMWild Kratts - Platypus Cafe: While kayaking in Australia, Martin and Chris see a platypus mother with her eggs.
4:00 PMOdd Squad - The Potato Ultimato; A Fistful of Fruit Juice  : Olaf, Olive and Oren search for the magical Growing Potato when Otto starts shrinking.
4:30 PMCyberchase - Jimaya Jam: The Cybersquad uses diagrams to get out of a basketball-like game called Jimaya Jam.
5:00 PMBBC World News America: U.S.-targeted nightly newscast.
5:30 PMLocal Programming
6:30 PMNightly Business Report
7:00 PMPBS NewsHour
8:00 PMWashington Week
8:30 PMCharlie Rose -- The Week
9:00 PMGreat Performances - Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert 2017: The Vienna Philharmonic performs at Austria's Schnbrunn Palace; soloist Rene Fleming.
10:30 PMLocal Programming
11:00 PMCharlie Rose
12:00 AMLocal Programming