31 October 2014

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11:30 PMRun's House - Age Against the Machine: A manuscript of Rev and Justine's book causes strife among the children.
12:00 AMRun's House - Run's Big House: The family rallies around JoJo after he gets busted for possession of marijuana.
12:30 AMInstant Mom - An Egg by Any Other Name  : After their neighbors ruin the children's garden, Stephanie and Charlie seek revenge.
1:00 AMThe New Adventures of Old Christine - Faith Off: Christine's controlling nature jeopardizes one of Richard's construction jobs.
1:30 AMInstant Mom - Babysit This  : Stephanie leaves Gabby in charge when the baby sitter cancels on the night of a big event.
2:00 AMYo Gabba Gabba! - Share: The Gabba gang learns about sharing; Cornelius performs.
2:30 AMYo Gabba Gabba! - Imagine: Using imagination; cheering a friend; different muscles in the body; the Shins perform.
3:00 AMThe Fresh Beat Band - Glow for It!: Marina gets a set of glow-in-the-dark drumsticks; the band prepares for a nighttime performance.
3:30 AMThe Fresh Beat Band - Stomp the House: Marina and the band must search for items to replace her broken drums.
4:00 AMThe Wonder Pets! - Save the Hound Dog!; Save the Glowworm!: The pets travel to Memphis to help a hound dog who is stuck.
4:30 AMThe Wonder Pets! - Save the Beetles!; Three Wonder Pets and a Baby: Musical beetles are trapped in a yellow submarine.
5:00 AMPocoyo: Three-year-old Pocoyo explores life with his three companions.
5:30 AMPocoyo: Three-year-old Pocoyo explores life with his three companions.
6:00 AMPeppa Pig - Danny's Pirate Party; The Train Ride; Teddy Playgroup; A Trip to the Moon; Numbers: Danny Dog's birthday arrives; Peppa and her friends go on a train ride; Peppa brings home a teddy.
6:30 AMPeppa Pig - Mr. Fox's Shop; Shadows; International Day; The Rainy Day Game; Mummy Rabbit's Bump
7:00 AMMax & Ruby - Max's Jack-o-Lantern; Max & Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin; Max's Big Boo: Max wants to make a scary jack-o'-lantern; Max and Ruby search for the perfect pumpkin.
7:30 AMLalaloopsy - Knick Knack Knock Knock  : Bea follows Specs into a spooky mansion where she meets Scraps Stitched 'n Sewn.
8:00 AMTickety Toc - Package Time; Bake a Cake Time  : The twins look for a missing package; the twins try to make a cake.
8:30 AMTickety Toc - Leaf Sweeping Time; Dress Up Time  : McCoggins' leaf-sweeping machine sweeps up the clock key; the twins' startle the Spring Chicks.
9:00 AMLittle Bear - Rainy Day Friends; Little Goblin Bear; Picnic on the Moon: Railroad adventure; a goblin takes Lucy away; trip to the moon.
9:30 AMDino Dan - Dino Trackers; T-Rex Bedtime: Dan and his little brother track a stegosaurus through the woods; Dan sees a tyrannosaurs rex.
10:00 AMGo, Diego, Go! - Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween!: Diego, Alicia and Freddie the Fruit Bat hear cries for help while they are setting up for Halloween.
10:30 AMNi Hao, Kai-lan - Ni Hao, Halloween: Rintoo sprains his ankle and can not go trick-or-treating with all of his friends.
11:00 AMBlue's Clues - Blue's Big Costume Party: Blue has a costume party.
11:30 AMBlue's Clues - What Is Blue Afraid Of?: Something frightens Blue; shadows; close-up photos; scary sounds.
12:00 PMBlue's Clues - Stormy Weather: Steve and Blue check the weather forecast before taking a walk.
12:30 PMBlue's Clues - Dress Up Day: Costumes; dressing up; Joe and Blue want to star in Ostrich's play.
1:00 PMThe Fresh Beat Band - Ghost Band: The Fresh Beats have a musical showdown against a ghost band.
1:30 PMOlivia - Olivia Runs a Carnival; Olivia Explores the Attic: Olivia oversees the construction of games and amusements for her school carnival; time capsule.
2:00 PMTickety Toc - Watermelon Time; Mystery Time  : The twins are sent to fetch a large watermelon, but get a giant pumpkin; who is stealing food.
2:30 PMTickety Toc - Nature Trail Time; Visiting Time  : McCoggins takes Tommy and Tallulah on a nature trail.
3:00 PMMike the Knight - Mike the Knight and the Scary Noise; Mike the Knight and the Mighty Shield  : Mike learns that everyone gets scared;Mike rescues Squirt from the Vikings.
3:30 PMMike the Knight - Mike the Knight and the Invisible Monster; Mike the Knight and the Dragon Squires  : Mike vows to protect the villagers;Mike wants squires.
4:00 PMLalaloopsy - Knick Knack Knock Knock  : Bea follows Specs into a spooky mansion where she meets Scraps Stitched 'n Sewn.
4:30 PMJulius Jr. - Welcome Home, Chachi; Chachi Time  : Shaka Brah realizes that his pet Chihuahua can not stay in Icelaska.
5:00 PMJulius Jr. - Dressed for Spook-cess; Think Pink  : Julius' invention helps create safe and fun Halloween costumes; Ping's box of crayons comes to life.
5:30 PMZack and Quack - Pop-Up Pumpkin Patch; Up Popped a Spider  : A ghost steals Zack and Quack's candy while they are trick-or-treating.
6:00 PMPeter Rabbit - The Tale of the Giant Pumpkin; The Tale of the Fierce Bad Rabbit  : Peter sets his sights on the biggest pumpkin in Mr. McGregor's patch.
6:30 PMTeam Umizoomi - Rainy Day Rescue: The team must rescue a group of baby birds after the rainwater washes their nest out of a tree.
7:00 PMLalaloopsy - Knick Knack Knock Knock  : Bea follows Specs into a spooky mansion where she meets Scraps Stitched 'n Sewn.
7:30 PMMia and Me - The Panned Piper  : Mia must find a solution when Phuddle creates a new instrument that mesmerizes its listeners.
8:00 PMDora the Explorer - Boo!: Dora and Boots go on a spooky journey to help a little monster return home.
8:30 PMDora the Explorer - Halloween Parade: Dora and Boots must help Little Monster find a costume so he can march in the Halloween parade.
9:00 PMBubble Guppies - Haunted House Party: The Bubble Guppies are invited to a costume party at a haunted house.
9:30 PMBubble Guppies - Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?: When an actor cannot perform at a play, Deema must take the stage.
10:00 PMShe's Having a Baby: A restless yuppie copywriter marries his teenage sweetheart, then wonders if it's a mistake.
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