29 June 2016

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11:30 PMGuy Code vs. Girl Code: A discussion on ``ghosting''; masculinity; saying, ``I love you.''
12:00 AMMartin - Homeo and Juliet: Martin gives ``Romeo and Juliet'' a homeboy interpretation after the star collapses.
12:30 AMMartin - The Cabin Show: Martin and Pam get lost in the woods when the gang goes hiking for the weekend.
1:00 AMMartin - The Tooth Will Set You Free: Pam goes on a blind date after undergoing hypnosis at the dentist.
1:30 AMMartin - Martin, I Wanna Sing: Martin becomes business manager for Pam's cousin, a talented singer.
2:00 AMMartin - DMV Blues: Martin confronts the DMV when he renews his driver's license; guest Sherman Hemsley.
2:30 AMMy Wife and Kids - Blackout: Michael finally gets the house to himself when a blackout occurs.
3:00 AMMy Wife and Kids - Man of the Year: Michael is disheartened when he does not win the Small Businessman of the Year award.
3:30 AMMy Wife and Kids - Jr.'s Risky Business: Michael and Jay return home to find Jr. and his girlfriend fooling around in their bed.
4:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
5:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
6:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
7:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
8:00 AMMTV2 Music Mix: Hip hop, EDM, and Rock music videos.
9:00 AMBoy Meets World - What I Meant to Say: Topanga's reaction to Cory's declaration of love puzzles him.
9:30 AMBoy Meets World - The Double Lie: Shawn and Jonathan each learn a lesson when they are caught in the same lie.
10:00 AMBoy Meets World - He Said, She Said: Shawn considers running away after a guidance counselor suggests an education through travel.
10:30 AMBoy Meets World - The Last Temptation of Cory: When Topanga is home sick, another girl makes a play for Cory.
11:00 AMSaved by the Bell - The Fabulous Belding Boys: Mr. Belding's hip brother becomes a substitute teacher at the school.
11:35 AMSaved by the Bell - From Nurse to Worse: Zack asks Kelly to go steady and then falls in love with the school nurse.
12:10 PMSaved by the Bell - Breaking Up Is Hard to Undo: Zack plots to reunite Slater, Mr. Belding and himself with their feuding sweethearts.
12:45 PMSaved by the Bell - The Glee Club: Some underhanded shenanigans are employed to win a glee club competition.
1:20 PMAmerica's Funniest Home Videos: A boy gets a plastic building block stuck on his tooth.
2:30 PMAmerica's Funniest Home Videos: A montage of crazy dancers; a boy who sleeps standing up.
3:40 PMGirl Code - Playing It Cool, Injuries/Getting Hurt, Parents and Technology  : Injuries and getting hurt; playing it cool; keeping parents up to date on technology.
4:15 PMGirl Code - Sadness  : Being sad; funerals; depression; bad luck; Nicole meets with a medium.
4:50 PMGirl Code - Money  : Money; being broke; earning money; mixing money and love; financial planning.
5:25 PMGirl Code - Falling In Love, Nails, Being Creepy  : Falling in love; the art of doing your nails; dealing with creepy people; fan questions.
6:00 PMGirl Code - Bad Girls  : Misbehaving; cursing; getting in trouble; trolling; Shalyah learns how to be bad.
6:30 PMGirl Code - Sexual Pressure, Being Bored, Hobbies  : Sexual pressure; boredom; convincing a man to see a Taylor Swift concert.
7:00 PMGuy Code vs. Girl Code: A discussion on ``ghosting''; masculinity; saying, ``I love you.''
7:30 PMWild N' on Tour - Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania  : Tour bus rules are established; the first comedy show is performed at Bloomsburg University.
8:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes: Chris is in trouble when he tells his classmates dirty jokes; Rochelle tries to find her mom a man.
8:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Math: Rochelle tries to tutor Chris in algebra so he can participate in a math competition.
9:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the Last Day: Chris decides to exact revenge on Caruso for making his life miserable for the past two years.
9:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor: Chris tests poorly on a standardized exam and must see the guidance counselor.
10:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Caruso: Caruso relinquishes his role as school bully after he gets bullied himself.
10:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Driving: Chris ends up in traffic court after taking his father's car for a spin.
11:00 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Blackie: When the family gets a dog, Chris must train it to be an attack dog.
11:30 PMEverybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy: Chris makes up a story about a serial killer that causes a panic in the community.
12:00 AMLocal Programming